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1-800 Vanity Numbers Really Do Work!

1-800 Vanity Numbers Really Do Work!

1-800 Vanity Numbers Really Do Work!

Legal Vanity 800 Number

Vanity Numbers Are Still Used in Advertisements Today for a Reason… They WORK!

Imagine this: a consumer is sitting on his couch, watching TV. He sees a television advertisement featuring a talking horse walking on the beach. While the consumer notes the humor in the ad and remembers many details about the ad, he can’t remember what the ad was selling! Was it a beach getaway? Was it horse-feed? (It’s actually a DirecTV ad). The consumer goes on about his day, remembering the ad but having no idea what he was supposed to get out of it.

Later that day, he’s surfing the internet and glances at an ad for a local attorney with “1-800-ATTORNEY” prominently shown. While he may not have even paid much attention to the ad, his brain did. This is because over the course of his life, he has become familiar with the concept of 1-800 vanity numbers. He inherently understands that by itself “1-800-ATTORNEY” means a toll-free phone call to an attorney.

Later – maybe hours later, maybe days later, maybe months later – that consumer is injured in a car accident. He doesn’t know any attorneys, but wants to call an attorney for free. Suddenly, it comes to him. He calls 1-800-ATTORNEY and is connected with an attorney who will represent him in his claim.

This isn’t just a hypothetical story, it is reality for a huge number of accident victims. 1-800 vanity numbers have existed since the early 1980s, and they still exist in today’s competitive market for a reason. They WORK!

1-800-DOCTORS, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-ATTORNEY… these one-word premium vanity numbers are almost impossible to forget. The quick and easy memory tool sticks with the consumer, whether he knows it or not.

1-800-ATTORNEY is the most effective vanity number for practicing attorneys, and you may still be able to secure this number for your law firm. Only one attorney is allowed to license the number in each geographical area, so it’s important to consider the opportunity now before a competitor beats you to the punch.


The average consumer is never going to write down a 10-digit numerical phone number mentioned in an ad, and most people never look for an attorney until they need one. By the time someone sees an attorney’s ad, they have either already found an attorney or they no longer need one… and this is why 1-800-ATTORNEY is such an effective response mechanism. This simple phone number becomes ingrained in the memory of the consumer so that when they need an attorney, they immediately recall “1-800-ATTORNEY.”

It should also be noted that finding a number as simple, descriptive and precise as 1-800-ATTORNEY is extremely rare. By 1996, the supply of 1-800 numbers was almost completely exhausted. One-word vanity 800 numbers are so effective because they perfectly capture a consumer’s needs. Need contacts? Call 1-800-CONTACTS. Need an attorney? Call 1-800-ATTORNEY. The connection is so easy and logical, which is why it is such an effective marketing tool.

Further, 1-800 numbers are strongly preferred to 1-888 or 1-877 numbers (not to mention 866, 855, 844, 833, and 822) because people reflexively dial the 1-800 prefix. 94% of consumers recognize ‘800’ as toll free, compared to 55% of consumers who recognize ‘866’ is toll free. Those who advertise a 1-888 phone number understand that they will lose a percentage of their potential callers to their 1-800 counterpart. Consumers also associate a higher level of trust and legitimacy to 1-800 numbers, just as people do with .com websites when compared to other generic top-level domains (.net, .co, .info).

Licensing the 1-800-ATTORNEY Phone Number

Clearly, aligning your law firm with the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number can give you a strong competitive advantage over other law firms in your area. 1-800-ATTORNEY is available to only ONE law firm in each location, and licensing is available on a first come, first served basis. Call 1-800-704-3578 today and lock in your area while it’s still available!

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