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Using 1-800-ATTORNEY to Increase Law Firm Referrals

Using 1-800-ATTORNEY to Increase Law Firm Referrals

Using 1-800-ATTORNEY to Increase Law Firm Referrals

Building Attorney Referrals

Using 1-800-ATTORNEY Can Be a Great Way to Build Your Firm’s Referral Network

Vanity numbers can be an invaluable tool. Licensing an established legal vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY can help you boost you presence as well as break into new (highly competitive) markets.

But did you know it can also be a great tool for building a referral network with other local attorneys?

A phone number like 1-800-ATTORNEY will open you up to different types of clients with various grievances. Remember, if your firm chooses to license the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number, your firm gets ALL of the calls for that specific geographical region. This means that you will likely get many calls from clients who are seeking lawyers in many different fields of practice. Many of these would-be clients probably don’t know that you (for example) only deal in personal injury law, and are calling to get assistance because they got a DUI a few days back.

If you know a good criminal defense attorney in your area, set up a referral agreement with their firm and send the criminal defense leads their way. Does your firm not handle divorce cases? Refer them to a family lawyer attorney in your area. Same goes for bankruptcy, employment law, medical malpractice, etc…

Vanity Numbers Help Establish Good Relationships

By sending colleagues these cases and fostering a relationship with a few law firms in your area, your firm can capitalize on these leads by taking referral fees. Additionally, the attorneys in your referral network will be more likely to refer cases (those in your area of practice) back to you as well.

1-800-ATTORNEY – The Most Recognizable and Memorable Phone Number in the Legal Industry

Please contact us today to learn more about getting 1-800-ATTORNEY exclusively in your market and watch your business grow exponentially in no time. Securing the number in your state is cheaper than you think, and locations are filling fast. Act now before your competition does!

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