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The Benefits of Having a Vanity Number for Your Law Firm

The Benefits of Having a Vanity Number for Your Law Firm

Human memory plays a large part in advertising campaigns. It’s obvious that people are more likely to call numbers which they can remember than those which contain unordered numerals that don’t stick in their minds. This is the main reason why lawyers invest in “vanity numbers.” Today, we’ll take a look at other some benefits a law firm gets with a vanity phone number such as 1-800-ATTORNEY.

  1. Boost Your Campaign ROI
    A typical marketing campaign usually has deliverables which the marketing team strives to achieve. For the marketing to be effective, there has to be a critical mass reached in terms of people calling your law firm. A vanity number gets a 75% higher recall rate when compared to numerical toll-free numbers, and a 57% higher recall rate than URLs. When we’re talking about mass media such as billboards, radio or TV, we’re dealing with a much higher return on investment.
  2. Exclusivity
    1-800-ATTORNEY helps you beat the competition by giving you inalienable and exclusive rights to a specific area, giving you access to all leads from a single territory without you having to worry about a competing law firm using the same phone number. With time, people will begin to associate your services with 1-800-ATTORNEY, making you or your business the go-to law firm for specific services.
  3. Simple BillboardSimplicity
    Vanity numbers can actually contain the gist of your advertising campaign. For example, a 1-800-ATTORNEY is clearly a great number to use if you are an attorney. Such simplicity can even help you cut down on your advertising budget since the number is simple and speaks for itself.
  4. Affordability
    1-800-ATTORNEY is surprisingly affordable. Don’t believe me? Call and see for yourself! There’s absolutely no obligation when you call, so there’s no reason to just assume it’s not affordable. You can buy the rights to just one metropolitan area, or a whole state.

As a 1-800-ATTORNEY partner, you don’t have to worry about customers flipping through the phone book to find you; all you have to do is wait for people to call. At the end of the day, you’ll get more out from your marketing efforts by using a vanity number, and there’s no better phone number for attorneys than 1-800-ATTORNEY.

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