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The Benefits of Radio Advertising with a Vanity Number

The Benefits of Radio Advertising with a Vanity Number

The Benefits of Radio Advertising with a Vanity Number

Radio Advertising With a Vanity Number

Using a Vanity Number Like 1-800-ATTORNEY in Your Radio Advertisements Can Have a Tremendous Impact on Response.

Radio advertising is key to reaching a large audience, and can be a great way to introduce your law firm to the people in your market. Being a localized mass-media platform, your ads reach a wide variety of people – including those who may not even realize they have a potential case.

Reaching Out to the Community

Although radio advertising is more expensive than some other methods, it is effective when it comes to reaching a large portion of your target audience. Since most people listen to the radio at least while they are driving, this type of advertising can be very cost-effective for a law firm.

In general, conversion rates for offline advertising are going to be lower than those of online ad campaigns simply because your business is not a mouse click away. Of course if people are listening to your ad while driving, they won’t be writing down your phone number.

So how can you maximize your response rate? Easy. By using a known and trusted vanity phone number like 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Did You Know?

  • A Chicago Tribune advertising survey found that advertisers using 1-800 vanity numbers were getting ten times the amount of response to those advertising with a local numeric number.
  • One study shows that using a 1-800 vanity number in a radio ad can increase your incoming call volume by 14 times when compared to a numeric 1-800 phone number.
  • Studies show that 68% of people will remember a phone number expressed as a word, versus only 16% who remember a numeric number.
  • In a national survey, 91% of respondents said they prefer a 1-800 prefix over 1-888 because 1-800 is easier to remember and people reflexively dial the 800 prefix even when calling another toll free exchange.

Audience Appeal

Another benefit of radio advertising is the ability to create advertising which appeals to the audience. Unlike text advertising, there are many different options for radio ads including the following:

  • Addition of music
  • Script advertising (use of a skit in your ad)
  • Use of dialogue

Since radio advertising involves air time rather than a specific number of words, it’s possible to include more information about your firm, thus increasing your firm’s appeal. Of course, you don’t want to forget to include your phone number as that will be a major point of conversion in your radio advertising campaign.

Targeting Your Audience and Your Area

In any kind of advertising, it’s important to target the specific people you wish to reach. With radio advertising, this involves choosing the radio station(s) within your specific area based on their listener demographics. This gives you the option of creating different ads for different stations (different audiences), and gearing your advertising toward the type of audience that you wish to reach.

Have a family law practice that caters to men? Look into advertising on local sports talk stations. Looking to reach the Hispanic market? Buy ads on the most-popular Spanish-language stations in your area.

Another factor to consider is the time block. Ideally, you want to advertise when the most people are listening. This often means paying a premium for “drive time” ads (similar to prime time ads on TV). Alternatively, if you practice criminal defense, you may wish to advertise late at night.

Regardless of how you direct your ad and the type of ad you create, the important thing is to remember that when you use radio advertising, you really need to combine it with an easy-to-remember vanity number in order to ensure people remember who you are, how to contact you, and what you represent.

If you’re an attorney who would like more information on leasing the 1-800-ATTORNEY vanity number in your city (or entire state), call 1-800-704-3578 any time or send us an email.

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