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DWI Criminal Defense Lawyers

DWI Criminal Defense Lawyers

Were you arrested for driving while intoxicated? Our attorneys can help you!

For the driver who is arrested for a DWI, his or her entire future stands on the effectiveness of their criminal defense lawyer. There are many factors that the judge considers when the defendant appears before the court, but his or her best defense is that of hiring the right DWI lawyer.

Driving While Intoxicated

Arrested for DWI?

Hiring the Right DWI Defense Lawyer

It is important for someone who is facing a DWI or DUI to have an attorney who has experience litigating alcohol-related offenses. While these charges are somewhat common in today’s society, the laws differentiate from the state. This makes it difficult for the defendant to fully understand the risks, options, and potential penalties for such an offense without consulting with an attorney. Another problem is that very few people give a second thought to taking a breathalyzer test and are unaware they have the right to refuse all tests before they speak with a lawyer.

There are a few “tests” that police tend to request of individuals who are under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may include the following:

  1. Field sobriety test.
  2. Some type of chemical test such as a blood, urine, or blood test.

When law enforcement officials administer these tests, they are interested in analyzing several factors that include:

  • Coordination
  • Cognition
  • Balance
  • Blood alcohol level

While a driver certainly has the right to refuse to take any of these tests unless they are court ordered, there is a possibility that refusal could result in the suspension of the person’s driver’s license for up to one year.

Another thing to note is sometimes these tests are far from accurate. Also, not all officers have the authority to ask you to take these tests or to perform them. If this should happen, your attorney may choose to argue before the judge in favor of dropping the charges against you because of the arresting officer’s lack of authorization and training in performing these sobriety tests.

Know Your Rights

There is certainly no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but that doesn’t undermine the fact you have rights and deserve the services of a good lawyer in order to help you through the legal problems associated with a DWI or DUI arrest.

If you are facing charges of driving under the influence, call 1-800-ATTORNEY and speak with our DWI criminal defense lawyers. If you caused an accident that resulted in injury or property damage, it may be necessary to hire specialized legal representation in order to deal with the additional litigation that you may face.

You only get one shot to argue your case, and you do not want to appear in court without legal representation. Making the choice to call 1-800-ATTORNEY can help ensure a fair and just outcome to your legal situation.

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