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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 1-800-ATTORNEY an attorney referral service?

Not exactly. Think of it more as a simple phone routing system. When a potential client calls 1-800-ATTORNEY, our system automatically determines the caller’s location and routes the call to the participating attorney in their area. We do screen calls or act as a middle man in any way; all calls are routed directly to a single attorney or law firm.

2. How much does a geographical region cost?

The prices for each region vary. For more information on specific locations do not hesitate to call a sales representative at 1-800-704-3578 or email us using the form found on this page.

3. What types of cases will my firm receive from 1-800-ATTORNEY?

The type of case is dependent on how your firm chooses to promote the number in your area! You get 100% of the calls made from that location. For example, a personal injury firm will most likely promote the number with an emphasis on auto accidents and other key personal injury practice areas. A bankruptcy attorney may use the number completely differently and emphasize consumer bankruptcy. Either way, you get ALL of the calls for your area.

Remember that if you are receiving cases outside of your practice area, those cases can be referred out to another firm. Forming partnerships in your area with other firms can help facilitate this process. We recommend coming up with referral fee agreements ahead of time. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm receiving bankruptcy leads, put together an agreement with one bankruptcy firm that can receive all your bankruptcy leads. Agree on a percentage or referral fee for all cases and form an efficient process to forward those leads on as they come in – this way your firm is benefiting from everything that comes in through 1-800-ATTORNEY, even if it is a case outside your traditional practice.

4. How good will the leads from 1-800-ATTORNEY be?

As for the quality of the cases, this depends on your overall advertising and content strategy. Targeting specific markets and using content to filter out unqualified leads can improve your results. Each firm is different and will have a different definition of a “good” lead.

5. Is this an internet business? How long does it take to develop an online market on the 1-800-ATTORNEY website under your program?

1-800-ATTORNEY is a phone routing system. The website is an extension of the phone service which is used to promote and help publicly brand the vanity number. The website is a great tool which when used correctly can increase the calls routed to your law firm.

To use our website to generate more leads, we will help you put together an online profile of your firm. We’ll even give you some advice on how to get started with an online content strategy for our site. You’ll be able to shape your online image by posting your own original content.

Assuming the program is followed, it usually takes less than a week to see initial online results from Pay-Per-Click campaigns and a consistent increase thereafter as your online efforts propagate through search engines and other forms of media.

6. Are you offering me ownership or a monthly bill?

We are offering full licensing rights for the 1-800-ATTORNEY vanity number in specific marketing zones or geographical areas, which are billed monthly at the predefined cost.

7. What are you promising me in return for my monthly check?

Full licensing rights for the 1-800-ATTORNEY vanity number in marketing zones or geographical areas that you selected. As an added bonus, members have access to all the benefits of our online resource at

Remember there can only be one firm per geographical area. You will not share your geographical area as other leading systems force you to do.  In addition, participating law firms are given the opportunity to select other neighboring geographical areas before they are purchased by competitors. First right of refusal for specific geographical areas can be included by request in agreement.

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