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1-800-ATTORNEY is an exclusive, nationwide network of attorneys and law firms who have come together to help people like you get the best legal help possible. We strive to provide legal assistance through our network of trusted attorneys to all those in need — regardless of what type of case they may have.

Our network covers a vast array practice areas for all of your legal needs.

If you would like to search our network of lawyers by state, simply use the map to the right. You will see a listing for all of the law firms that have been admitted for that state. Each law firm in our network of attorneys has a profile page which potential clients can use to learn more about the lawyers.

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Want to find your local attorney? Select your state and then click on the firm in your area. You will be taken to their profile page where you can find contact information, images, reviews, and more!

If you have an immediate need to speak to an attorney, you can either call 1-800-ATTORNEY or fill out the form on the homepage of this site. Thank you for trusting the 1-800-ATTORNEY network for your legal needs.

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