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Birth Injury

Birth Injury

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The birth of a baby is considered as a joyous occasion for its parents as well as the family at large. Bringing new life into the world isn’t an easy task, and this is why doctors and other medical professionals who are tasked with this responsibility take utmost care that the delivery process goes as smoothly as possible. However, there are times when this doesn’t always happen, leading to birth injuries which can last a lifetime, negatively impacting the child’s life permanently.

Birth Injury LawyersIt’s estimated that one in 200 children are born with a birth injury in the U.S. This number is unacceptable given the fact that most of these injuries are avoidable. There are numerous reasons why these injuries occur, and one possibility is that the malpractice of a medical professional is to blame.

Birth injuries usually occur during the process of childbirth or immediately prior to it. Contacting an attorney to determine the reason behind a birth injury may help you get the compensation your child will need to pay for surgeries, rehabilitation and training.

Here are some of the common birth injury causes:

  • Pre-existing causes within the mother’s body
  • Lack of fetal monitoring and improper birthing methods which lead to the baby being deprived of oxygen
  • Placental abruption from the uterus wall prior to delivery
  • Using instruments such as forceps and clamps to forcefully remove the baby from the birth canal
  • Lack of immediate action on the medical staff during delivery, leading to infant distress and injury

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of the most common types of conditions resulting from a birth injury. This is a developmental disorder brought on by damage to the newborn baby’s brain. The condition results in language, movement and coordination issues. Cerebral palsy is not considered to be reversible, meaning that a child born with it will have to face a lifetime of physical therapy. All these treatments are expensive, and it’s estimated that caring for a child born with birth injuries may cost the affected family upwards of $900,000.

Erb’s Palsy

Another common consequence of birth injury is Erb’s palsy, a condition which affects the nerves in a baby’s shoulders and if often the result of a shoulder dystocia injury. Damage to these nerves usually happens during delivery, when the baby’s shoulder’s become lodged in the birth canal. It may also happen when a medical professional uses excessive force to pull the baby out during delivery. Symptoms of Erb’s palsy include decreased grip, a limp arm, inability to move the lower arm and hand as well as loss of sensation in the affected nerves.

A competent birth injury lawyer will help you recover the needed compensation to help with the expenses that come with caring for a child born with a birth injury. At the same time, it’s important to seek legal services in order to know what exactly you can sue for as well as the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to. Please call 1-800-ATTORNEY today for your free consultation.

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