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1-800-ATTORNEY Now Available in Philadelphia

1-800-ATTORNEY Now Available in Philadelphia

1-800-ATTORNEY Now Available in Philadelphia

1-800-ATTORNEY now available to one firm (exclusively) in the state of Pennsylvania!

If you’re an attorney in Philadelphia (or anywhere in Pennsylvania), you can’t afford to miss this exclusive opportunity. Only ONE attorney can use this premium legal vanity number in each geographical area, so act now before your competition does.

Pennsylvania Lawyer Marketing

1-800-ATTORNEY Available to One Pennsylvania Firm

Vanity Numbers are Beneficial

Potential clients are often attracted to particular law firms through television and radio advertisements. Unfortunately, most law firms who advertise using these mediums are missing one crucial element which could make all the difference in an advertising campaign; an easy-to-remember phone number.

If your advertisements use a numerical phone number, it leaves the potential client with the difficult task of remembering a random 10-digit string of numbers. Fortunately, there is a solution to that problem: use a great vanity 800 number. One study shows that by using a 1-800 vanity number in a radio ad, you can increase your incoming call volume by 1,400 percent when compared to a numeric 1-800 phone number!

You may be thinking “well, I can just use my vanity website domain,” but you would be making an even bigger mistake. A call to action asking the potential client to visits to your website, even when someone is specifically looking for an attorney, is going to bring in far less leads. You need a smaller funnel. You need to put as few steps as possible between you and your potential clients. When it comes to offline advertising, nothing beats a premium 1-800 vanity phone number.

There are many different vanity telephone numbers, but the good ones are usually not available. After all, you want something that is prestigious, professional, and that makes it easy for the potential client to remember when they hear it on television or radio or see it on a billboard as they are driving along the highway. While a phone number like “1-855-INJ-HELP” may be available, it is not memorable. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible for a client to forget 1-800-ATTORNEY.

We are currently offering an opportunity for Philadelphia lawyers to lease the 1-800-ATTORNEY vanity number. This is a limited time offer, and an opportunity you don’t want to pass up. Not only can aligning your firm with the 1-800-ATTORNEY brand instantly convey a level of prestige and trust to potential clients, it can make a difference to your law firm by increasing the number of incoming calls, and ultimately, the number of clients.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

The 1-800-ATTORNEY vanity number will allow you to build your brand which can ultimately provide your firm with the prestige and professionalism it needs in order to achieve and maintain success or compete with the bigger firms in your market. Even people who have never heard of your law firm will call 1-800-ATTORNEY when they’re looking for legal help.

Your participation in the 1-800-ATTORNEY network offers a great deal of advantages that include: exclusive use of the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number in your geographical area, sponsored inclusion in our online directory, the ability to publish content to the website, an online profile that links back to your website, and prominent placement on the home page of (for those who visit from your geographical area).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. As we mentioned before, there is only ONE slot available. Once the location has been licensed, you’re out of luck. For more information, call 1-800-704-3578 or click here.

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