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Day Care Abuse

Day Care Abuse

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Day care centers provide a much-needed service to busy parents. These are places where children can interact, learn, and play with other kids in their age range, in a safe and fun environment. They are convenient, and tend to be run by competent individuals who make sure that every child gets the care and attention they deserve.

Daycare Abuse AttorneysUnfortunately, this is not always the case. Some unethical day care facilities skirt background checks for employees (required by law), fail to adhere to safety standards or child/staff ratios, and some even actively cover up known instances of abuse.

While no one can prevent every instance of child abuse by a day care employee, every attempt should be made to prevent such abuse from occurring. Every single employee must be screened and background checked, standards must be adhered to, and the facility should take an active role with regard to the safety of the premises.

Day cares are required by law to report ANY and ALL suspicions of child abuse or neglect to law enforcement and CPS. Failing to do so can result in criminal charges, fines, and revocation of their child care license.

If your child suffered physical or sexual abuse perpetrated by a day care provider, call our personal injury lawyers today at 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free and confidential consultation.

The Role of Background Checks

Child abusers are often repeat offenders, which is why background checks are so important. Employers are required to perform a background check on every adult they are planning to hire, as well as anyone who is regularly or frequently present at the facility, such as the owner’s spouse, children (other than a client in care) over 14 years old, etc.

These checks are supposed to be comprehensive, and no corners can be cut due to the sensitive nature of these kinds of jobs. Failing to identify those who pose a risk to children can open the facility up to significant liability, and parents of these children have every right to seek compensation from the facility through a day care abuse lawsuit.

Signs of Child Abuse at Day Care

Symptoms of child abuse can vary, but the following signs should be treated with extra scrutiny:

  1. Your kid comes home with unexplained bruises, scratches or welts.
  2. Your kid begins experiencing nightmares, bed-wetting, or revering to infantile behaviors.
  3. They may display fearful and avoidant behavior, or flinch when an adult’s arm is raised.
  4. They exhibit extreme mood swings or show signs of unusual aggression or depression.
  5. They show an unusual interest in sexual matters for their age.
  6. Blood shows up on their clothing.
  7. They show fear or extreme dislike toward a certain teacher at the day care.
  8. They’re given gifts by a day care employee without your knowledge.
  9. They cry or beg not to go to day care (especially if this behavior is new).

Day Care Abuse is Often a Systemic Issue

Day care abuse isn’t usually a one-off thing. Offenders tend to continue to inflict harm on children until they’re caught and punished, and some are still able to find work in less-scrupulous child care facilities even after a conviction. Abusive day care workers usually have a number of victims they subject to abuse, which makes it so important for parents to report any suspicions of abuse to the authorities.

Day care abuse can take on many forms. The types of abuse that we encounter in mainstream media usually involve physical or sexual abuse, but child abuse can also be psychological or emotional, and even the result of neglect. It is also important to note that abuse can be perpetrated by other children at the daycare. While a single incident between two children is one thing, failing to protect a vulnerable child from a bully could be considered negligence or neglect.

Most responsible day care centers these days use surveillance cameras which monitor and record activity within the facility at all times. Ask your day care provider about their policy on video cameras, and make sure they are keeping digital recordings. If they do not allow you to access live feeds from off-site, do not record the video, or do not provide recordings to parents on request, I would strongly consider exploring your other options.

Keep an open line of communication between you and your child in order to have a better idea of what really happens throughout their day. Ensure them that they will never get in trouble for telling on their teachers, and make sure they understand that you WANT them to tell you anytime someone makes them feel bad or uncomfortable.

Daycare abuse can leave lasting emotional, psychological, and physical scars which can impede your child’s normal development. Our attorneys can help investigate your case and file a claim in order to recover the compensation your family will need to pay for any medical bills, therapy and counseling, alternative forms of child care, and more.

Call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free consultation. If we feel as though we can help with your case, we’ll do so on a no-win, no-fee agreement.

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