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Television Commercial Advertising & Best Practices for Lawyers

Television Commercial Advertising & Best Practices for Lawyers

Television Commercial Advertising & Best Practices for Lawyers

Television Advertising With a Vanity Number

TV commercials are a great way to reach your audience, but how do you advertise your firm most effectively?

The key to successful advertising is choosing the methods that work best for your firm. Television advertisements are a great tool for firms who want to reach large audiences in a specific geographical location. There are several benefits you can derive from making the choice to include television advertising as part of your ad campaign.

Should I Use a Vanity Number?

“Is a vanity phone number the best response mechanism? What about a URL or local phone number?” Countless studies have been conducted on ad response rates, and time and time again, 1-800 vanity numbers have been proven to be far more effective than other response mechanisms. If a company does not include an easy-to-remember phone number in their ad, they are preventing those who are beyond the research phase (those ready to hire an attorney) from directly contacting their business. In fact, its a best practice to mention your phone number at least three times throughout your ad, and show the phone number through the entire duration of the commercial.

While a website is convenient and can give customers around-the-clock access to information on your firm, if the visitor does not leave you their contact information, you have no opportunity to contact them or develop a relationship. People with legal issues want to ask questions and discuss their case, and a phone call is the most direct way for them to do so. Additionally, an independent survey of 1,037 tested consumers showed that consumers have a 57.6% higher recall rate of 1-800 vanity numbers than URLs used in advertisements.

“How do 1-800 vanity numbers stack up against other types of phone numbers?” Well, one study showed that 68% of people will remember a phone number expressed as a word, versus only 16% who remember a numeric number. Another survey shows that 57% of people prefer to dial a vanity 800 number over a local phone number. The fact of the matter is, a good industry-relevant 1-800 vanity number will stick out in the minds of consumers. A phone number like 1-800-ATTORNEY works to allow the viewer to reach you instantly, AND works as a great branding tool. Aligning your firm with the 1-800-ATTORNEY® brand can set your firm apart from the rest, while also adding a level of prestige and familiarity in the minds of potential clients.

Large Audiences

One thing to keep in mind about television advertising is the extremely high potential it offers when it comes to reaching more of your target audience. Your clients come from all different walks of life, and mass media advertising is a great way to reach a large, varied audience. Through a television advertisement, you’re able to reach those who may need the services of a lawyer, but are not actively seeking out representation. It’s for this reason that your ad must speak directly to the potential client.

Don’t bore your viewers by explaining the complexities of the law at this point. Use this screen time to empathize with the viewer and show them the value that you can bring to their particular situation. Finally (and most importantly), leave the viewer with a very clear call to action. If you have a strong 1-800 vanity number, use this as your call to action as toll-free vanity numbers have been shown to give the highest response rate when it comes to television advertisements.

Creating the Best Ads

Unlike billboard ads or even radio advertising, television advertising offers an opportunity to create more appealing and creative ads. You have the ability to create ads that show how your firm operates, or create a skit that shows what you can do in a particular instance. Realistic advertising appeals to viewers, and you can take advantage of this in your commercial.

Television advertising can provide a law firm with more opportunity to discuss the firm (and what it offers) than may be possible with other advertising mediums. While longer ads will certainly cost more money, the return on the investment (ROI) can make it a worthwhile financial investment for some types of law firms.

Try offering viewers an added reason to contact your firm specifically. Including an offer such as “mention this ad and receive a free gift” can lead to a potential client calling you first, as opposed to them doing a Google search for local attorneys.

Did you know that you may be able to get your local broadcaster or cable system provider to create your commercials for a fraction of the cost? Depending on your level of commitment to a particular campaign, many of these companies will offer to create your ad for free! The only caveat is that you are generally not allowed to use those ads on other networks.

Be Effective!

While television advertising is likely only part of your overall marketing plan, it can certainly play a very important role. Advertising is a great way to get a message out, but it’s vital to remember that the point of advertising is to get potential clients to contact your particular firm. While there are multiple response mechanisms available, study after study has shown that a strong 1-800 vanity number is by far the most effective.

If your firm is interested in leasing 1-800-ATTORNEY in your state, call us at 1-800-704-3578. Only one attorney can license the phone number in your area, and locations are filling fast. Call now before the competition does!

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