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“I’m Under ‘H’ For Hard to Find”

“I’m Under ‘H’ For Hard to Find”

Marketing Your Law Firm, Online Directories, and What Makes Different.

Marketing Can By Frustrating

How many times has your law firm been talked into paying for an online directory listing? After shelling out the cash, you realize that your listing is buried under hundreds of other attorney profiles. A potential client would have to click their way through a dense forest of law firm listings and ads just to find your name. Even worse, the directory sales rep talked your firm into paying for a listing based solely on the idea that all your competitors were already there.

Sometimes they even have the audacity to nickel and dime you. Suddenly, a simple hyperlink is an added cost. Everything from images to other office locations becomes an opportunity for the company to charge you more. While good directories often offer the opportunity to post regular content, this perk can cost you double with many websites.

The 1-800-ATTORNEY Business Directory is Exclusive

Our team of marketing experts came directly from the field of law firm marketing. We understand why attorneys want, and continue to look for, a good online listing. We knew that we needed a website to complement our premier vanity number. We wanted the law firms participating in 1-800-ATTORNEY to be a part of a website that succeeded where others had failed. We identified the major problems in these other directories, and vowed to do better for our clients.

The number one problem we wanted to tackle was user-frustration. Potential clients should be able to easily find the attorney that they are looking for. If looking at a directory is too arduous for a potential client, then he or she will be skeptical about the law firms shown and may even decide to leave the site altogether.

No Needles in the Haystack

Our solution was to build a geolocation-based website that reads the IP address of the user and tailors the online content to their geographic location. What that means in practical terms is that a potential client is immediately shown an attorney profile on the homepage of the website. It’s not just any attorney profile either – it’s the profile of the attorney who licenses 1-800-ATTORNEY in their area.

For example, say a young woman in Dallas is injured in a car wreck that wasn’t her fault. She remembers hearing 1-800-ATTORNEY in a radio ad, but can’t quite recall which law firm it was. She finds through a Google search, clicks on the link to the 1-800-ATTORNEY website and is immediately shown the contact info for Rasansky Law Firm.

She doesn’t have to go through any steps or browse through a directory (although the directory is available to all firms – even those who do not license the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number). The website has already automatically given her information on her local law firm. Now, she can fill out a quick form through the website and her email is routed DIRECTLY to Rasansky Law Firm.

One of the keys to this system is that 1-800-ATTORNEY is broken up based on geographical areas and only ONE attorney is selected for each geographical area in the country. Even if the car accident victim was to go manually through the directory function of the site, she would only find one featured attorney in Dallas, Texas.

Content for All

Good content is essential for any successful law firm website. Websites that force attorneys to pay for the added privilege of putting up original blog posts are doing both their clients and their own website a disservice. The more great content that’s available on a website, the more effective it is as a tool for potential clients. Fresh, one-of-a-kind content also ensures that the website shows up in more search engine results. Why are you forced to pay more when it’s a mutual benefit?

Each participating law firm in our network can post an unlimited number of articles to New posts will come up on the website’s feed and be linked directly to all the law firm’s other content. We’ll even share your content on our social media accounts! We believe so strongly that content is important that we’ll offer law firms some tips on how to get started.

Building a Site Within a Site

For attorneys who haven’t invested as heavily into a main website, they often rely on directories to showcase their practice and to attract new clients. Those attorneys can really benefit from having a robust attorney profile on 1-800-ATTORNEY that goes into great depth. For attorneys who have wonderful content on their home sites already, our website gives them yet another opportunity to increase their online presence.

Our website allows law firms to build what is essentially a mini-website or “microsite” on our domain. There’s no limit to the number of pages a law firm can have on their profile. Each law firm has their own login which makes adding new content quick and easy. A law firm can start with their elegant profile and build out from there until each practice area and sub-practice area is fully covered.

Rooted in an Eye-Catching Profile

The base profile will have all of the law firm’s main links, a list of their practice areas and space to explain what the law firm is all about. A photo gallery located at the bottom of the page will display multiple pictures that represent the law firm. Other visuals include space for a firm’s logo and multiple social media links, user ratings & reviews, and a fully-operational map.

Wealth of Knowledge

Content is King!

The profile page can link to other landing pages within 1-800 ATTORNEY. Those pages can blossom with other links until whole practice areas and attorney biographies are fully explored. Our shining example is once again Rasansky Law Firm whose main profile lists multiple practice areas which in turn lead the potential client to further information. For example, the “auto accident lawyer” link takes the visitor to a separate page on auto accidents which displays links to nine other comprehensive pages that address specific types of accidents like motorcycle crashes. There are more than thirty posts under the profile already.

Information on different types of legal cases helps to educate and engage potential clients. Law firms have found that a key to attracting new clients for specific practice areas is offering compelling, relevant articles and online pages. People are often looking for an attorney when they feel helpless after an injury or life-changing event. Legal information gives them a sense of empowerment and helps them find the right attorney to pursue their case.

The Website

We consider the time and money we have spent on our website as an investment in the attorneys who join our network and utilize 1-800-ATTORNEY in their advertising. Everything on our website from the profile, case review forms, blog content and additional pages comes at no extra cost to participating law firms. The website is our added value for lawyers who join the network. No hidden fees, costs or hard-to-find profiles. Our staff of experts is here to support participating attorneys and guide them through the content process. We understand that our success is directly linked to the success and happiness of our client law firms.

Let us help you get started today. For information on licensing 1-800-ATTORNEY in your area, call us at 1-800-704-3578.

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