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Print Advertising Tips For Lawyers

Print Advertising Tips For Lawyers

Print Advertising Tips For Lawyers

Print Advertising for Lawyers

Print Advertising is Still Very Effective for Lawyers, But How Do You Ensure the Best Response Rate?

There’s a common and pervasive rumor that’s been making rounds since the beginning of the new millennium, claiming that print is dead. Yes, everyone has access to a computer and smart phone, but print still has a lot of power when it comes to advertising, especially for attorneys.

As an attorney, you know that you face an incredible amount of competition from other law firms. It can be very difficult to brand your firm into the minds of consumers—especially when your target demographic is so large.

Lawyers depend on aggressive marketing to beat the competition, and if you want to be seen, you need to exhaust all advertising channels in order to reach every corner of your community—and this includes print advertising.

Print Advertising Can Be Highly Targeted

One benefit of print advertising is that it can be highly targeted toward a very specific group of consumers. For example, a firm that handles birth injury cases may wish to advertise in Parenting magazine. A firm who handles criminal defense cases may wish to send mailers directly to those who’ve recently been ticketed or arrested.


One major benefit of print advertising has to do with the fact that print ads are tangible. Unlike internet, radio and TV ads, print ads don’t vanish into the ether once the campaign has run its course. Magazines and newspapers often stay in offices or homes for months on end.


Print adverts often also carry with them a certain amount of credibility that may not be common with other forms of adverts. For example, a law firm that chooses to advertise in a nationally-known magazine may have a better response rate simply because the consumer sees you as a big player in the industry.

Getting the Best Response Rate

Print advertisements can be very effective, especially when they do a good job at drawing the consumer’s attention. Once you have their attention though, you need an effective call-to-action. Some advertisers mistakenly use their website as a call to action, but fail to realize that only a small fraction of those who visit your website will convert into a lead.

A phone number is the most direct and effective call to action when it comes to print. In fact, 58 percent of all magazine advertisements use toll-free numbers as response mechanisms. A whopping 82 percent of those use “1-800” numbers. Additionally, studies show that 68 percent of consumers will remember a phone number expressed as a word, versus only 16 percent who remember a numeric phone number. Put simply, a strong vanity number can make ALL the difference when it comes to print advertising.

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