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Effect of a Vanity Number on an Advertising Campaign

Effect of a Vanity Number on an Advertising Campaign

In 2007, Creative Broadcast Concepts conducted a study on the use of vanity numbers in advertising. Their study indicated that using vanity numbers for advertising is the new methodology for improving sales through radio advertising. The study was conducted over a two-week time period using radio ads from two Chicago area radio stations. The results of the study showed how a business’s phone number can actually affect sales volume.

Development and Results of the Study

Half of the ads used vanity numbers while the other half of the ads used non-vanity, toll-free numbers. The radio stations were careful to rotate the ad spots equally using electronic methods for reporting and tracking the success of both types of numbers. The only thing different in any of the ads was the use of a vanity telephone number in one of the select groups.

The results of the study indicated the ads the radio stations ran which mentioned vanity numbers generated 58% more calls than those that did not take advantage of vanity numbers. The results of this study show there is a great possibility companies may be able to realize an increase in their sales by using vanity numbers in their advertising campaigns.

The Benefits of a Vanity Number


One of the first things companies need to keep in mind is the potential that exists with vanity numbers. There are so many advantages an organization can realize with these numbers simply because potential customers can easily associate a specific number to a specific company; this makes it easier for consumers to remember those telephone numbers. Some of the benefits a company can expect when they use vanity numbers include the following:

  • Improved efficiency and success in marketing campaigns
  • Marked increase in sales
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Improvement in the company’s image

All companies rely on efficient marketing efforts in order to increase sales volume. A company’s marketing power is greatly enhanced when that company is associated with a strong vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Making Vanity Numbers Work for You

The key to an effective marketing campaign that includes a vanity number requires choosing the right number. Before you make a choice it’s important to assess your company’s needs and decide what you really want your customers to remember. Sometimes the numbers are a little longer than the normal seven digits so don’t allow that to stop you from choosing the number that best fits your needs (unless you’re reaching too far with something like 1-800-I-really-enjoy-carpeting).

More and more companies are choosing to take advantage of vanity numbers. Use of 1-800-ATTORNEY is licensed to law firms across the country (only one per market) who desire to gain more clients through an improved marketing campaign. Thin about some other well-known vanity numbers. 1-800-DOCTORS, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-CONTACTS… These are numbers people easily recall. Contact us today for more information about the 1-800-ATTORNEY network.

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