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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

The immigration process can be quite complicated for an individual. However, there are attorneys qualified to handle these cases and work with those who are seeking to obtain legal status in the United States. The right law firm can help make the process simpler and work with the immigrant to ensure all the paperwork is submitted correctly and in a timely manner.

Types of Visas

Immigration LawyerThe government of the United States offers several types of visas. There are many law firms with the expertise to handle any type of issue related to the visa process including the following:

  • EB-2 and EB-3 visas (professional visas)
  • EB-5 visas (for businesspeople and investors
  • H1B and H2B visas (for temporary and contract workers)
  • TN visas (for Mexican and Canadian nationals that enter the United States under NAFTA)
  • Student visa
  • Fiancé visa
  • Visas for artists and performers

The above lists just some of the different types of visas that are available for those who wish to remain in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Each has a specific set of guidelines under which the immigrant must qualify before he or she is approved.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

This agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico opens trade and investment to exist between the three countries.  The NAFTA TN visa expedites and simplifies the process for professionals from Canada and Mexico when they enter the United States for the purpose of conducting business. Applicants avoid the delays that are commonly part of the immigration process because there is no need for approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services.

There are qualifying factors that come under consideration before an immigrant can enter the United States on a TN visa. The qualifications an applicant must possess before obtaining a TN visa are as follows:

  • Be a citizen of Mexico or Canada
  • Possess qualifying credentials as a NAFTA profession
  • Have a job (full-time or part-time) with an employer in the U.S. that requires credentials under the NAFTA profession
  • Meet the qualifications associated with the profession

Under the terms of the TN visa, professionals can remain in the country for as long as three years. If the immigrant remains eligible the visa can be extended. The immigration lawyers at 1-800-ATTORNEY can help guide visa holders with preparing all applications and compiling required documentation.

Hiring the Right Immigration Lawyer

One of the most important parts of the immigration process is hiring the right lawyer. The area of U.S. immigration law is extremely complicated and requires the assistance of a professional to help applicants through the process. The right attorney will make sure all of the necessary paperwork is filed properly and thoroughly reviewed before submission.

The function of an immigration lawyer goes beyond simply filling out the immigration forms. Many applicants are unaware of this fact and attempt to handle everything themselves instead of saving time and money by hiring an immigration lawyer from the start. Some of the services immigration lawyers handle include the following:

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Green cards
  • Waivers
  • Citizenship
  • Temporary visas
  • Deportation issues
  • Asylum and refugee issues
  • Immigration for families
  • Business and employment-related immigration
  • Investor immigration
  • Visas for sports and entertainment professionals

At 1-800-ATTORNEY, our attorneys can handle many of the issues you see represented here, and we’re available 24 hours a day. Call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY (1-800-288-6763).

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