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Myths About Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Myths About Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Myths About Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Vanity Number Myths

Today we’d like to address three important myths related to toll-free vanity phone numbers.

Toll-free numbers have been around for a long time, and they’re still extremely popular with businesses and consumers alike. Even though vanity numbers have been with us for decades, many businesses see them as unobtainable or unnecessary. In today’s post, we’ll dispel three of the most popular myths that small businesses have in regard to 1-800 vanity phone numbers.

1) “Vanity Numbers are Not For Small Businesses”

Businesses which cater to one specific geographical location may think that a vanity number is not a smart option due to cost. Small businesses often believe that they have to reach a certain level of growth before even considering getting a vanity number. The truth is that small businesses and those that are just starting out need vanity numbers as much as anyone. There’s a certain level of prestige attached to having a good industry-specific vanity number, and customers won’t care how small or new your business is since in their minds, they associate vanity numbers with successful companies. In fact, getting a toll-free number can boost your business regardless of your company size.

One option which can prove quite successful for local businesses is to license a vanity number for your state or geographical area. This way, you’re able to share the expense with many businesses while reaping the benefits in your market. Many industry-standard 1-800 vanity numbers operate this way, including 1-800-ATTORNEY®.

2) “Vanity Numbers are Expensive”

Most businesses are wary of leasing a vanity number because they’re afraid they’ll have to pay through the nose in terms of monthly fees. However, if you really look at the bigger picture, these kinds of phone numbers can actually save you money. Response rates are MUCH higher with 1-800 vanity numbers, and this can allow to achieve your marketing goals without having to allocate as much money on repeat advertising. Vanity numbers are memorable and have proven time and again to result in a greater response to your advertising efforts.

3) “All The Good and Catchy Toll-Free Numbers are Taken”

People usually look at all the vanity numbers being displayed on TV as well as billboards and they get discouraged thinking that they possibly can’t get a vanity number that can compete in this sea of good numbers. However, a bit of creativity and the fact that these numbers are always being put back in the market will allow your business to get a number that works for you. Even when a certain phone number is taken, the owner may choose to license the number out regionally to other businesses.

Many attorneys are surprised to find out that the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number is still available for most states – and what better phone number could an attorney hope for than 1-800-ATTORNEY?

Would you like more information on licensing 1-800-ATTORNEY for your law firm? Please contact us today at 1-800-704-3578 or via our online email form found on this page.

  1. Doing some recent toll free searches for our unique new small business, it makes no sense how many variations of the vanity number have been already used. Is this common or are these ‘toll free searches’ actually legit?

    • Oftentimes those toll free search sites only search that specific company’s database of available numbers. My suggestion would be to do a Google search for the number(s) that you are considering.

      For example, when I search for 1-800-288-6763 (1-800-ATTORNEY) on those toll-free search sites, it shows as unavailable. Searching the number on Google takes you to our site where you can see that the number is still available in many states.

      Now to be honest, I’m almost certain that most every 1-800 number variation has already been acquired (possibly all or most of the 1-888 and 1-877 number variations too). While toll-free numbers in the 1-866, 1-855, and 1-844 range are more-often available, you also lose a bit of the inherent value associated with a toll-free number as many people are actually unaware that these number variations are also toll-free. Additionally, you will likely have a lower recall rate with these numbers as someone trying to reach you may accidentally use 1-800 or 1-888 by way of habit.

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