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If you’ve explored the idea of adopting a child, you’ve likely found the process to be quite overwhelming. Adoption is often a very complicated process, and can be quite stressful for many families. While not every adoption requires the assistance of an attorney, an attorney can explain your options, help you cut through the red tape, and ensure that you have the best chance at success moving forward.

The Importance of an Adoption Attorney

Adoption LawyersBefore you make the decision to work with an adoption attorney, it is important to understand the role these attorneys play in the adoption process. The responsibilities of an adoption attorney include filing the requisite paperwork, ensuring that you interests (and the interests of the child) are protected, resolving legal issues, handling legal documents, and representing you during the adoption proceedings if necessary. Your adoption attorney is also responsible for ascertaining that you completely understand the adoption laws in your specific state.

Adoption Law and Its Complications

Many people think that the adoptions process is simple, but these types of cases do not come without their share of complications. Failure to address all applicable laws can lead to denied adoptions which can be devastating to families.

While state law usually governs adoption, in some cases there may be some federal laws that come into the picture. In general, judges apply the law in the manner that they believe is in the child’s best interest regarding the adoption by the petitioners. In addition, there are other factors to consider, including the rights of the biological parents.

One common scenario involves a biological mother who voluntarily gives up her parental rights. It is important for an adoption attorney to caution his clients that there may be an emotional roller coaster involved in the process. The best laid plans can change once the biological mother gives birth, which is why hiring an attorney is so important.

Interstate adoptions have become quite common over the past few years. All 50 states (plus DC and Puerto Rico) have adopted the interstate compact for the placement of children (ICPC). This is a uniform law, and can be found within the statutes of your state.

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