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1-800-ATTORNEY Offers Exclusive Attorney Marketing Opportunity In Houston

1-800-ATTORNEY Offers Exclusive Attorney Marketing Opportunity In Houston

Looking for an Unique Marketing Opportunity?

Houston Law Firm Marketing 1-800-ATTORNEY is proud to announce the availability of licensing rights for Houston. ONLY ONE attorney or law firm can join the national attorney network in Houston. This exclusive opportunity is open to an attorney or law firm seeking to grow their business and gain top-of-mind recognition in their area.  Other large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Fort Worth have been claimed – Law firms and attorneys are encouraged to act quickly because as Houston is a highly sought after location.

1-800-ATTORNEY leverages cutting edge technology and online marketing with the most memorable name in the legal profession. The 800 vanity phone number and proprietary web technology provide the public with a simple, quick and confidential way to find a lawyer and get legal help. Other law firms have successfully used 1-800-ATTORNEY to generate thousands of leads nationwide for the past six years and now it is available for ONE firm in the Houston market.

How Does It Work?

The 1-800-ATTORNEY network is partitioned by geographic locations. Only one attorney or law firm has exclusive rights in each geographic location, although packages are available for attorneys to own multiple geographic locations.  All leads from phone calls and on-line submissions from that geographic location will go directly to the subscribing law firm. The law firm has control over its own local network with the ability to select the cases it wants to retain and refer out the cases which are outside of its practice area to attorneys of its choosing. The subscribing law firm will also enjoy connecting with other attorneys nationally within the legal network.

Why 1-800-ATTORNEY?

1-800-ATTORNEY couples a memorable vanity number with an exclusive lead generation website and empowers its network attorneys with exclusive rights to ALL of the leads in their respective geographic locations.  Additionally, similar well known and highly publicized vanity phone numbers are sold out in Texas and most major markets, making 1-800-ATTORNEY network an ideal choice for those wanting the use of an easy-to-remember vanity number as a means for potential clients to remember their own firm brand.

Secure Houston Today!

For more information on how you can secure your place in the 1-800-ATTORNEY network, call 1-800-704-3578.

This marketing area will not be available for long.  Act today before your competitor does!



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