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The Benefits of Having a Vanity Number for Your Law Firm

Human memory plays a large part in advertising campaigns. It’s obvious that people are more likely to call numbers which they can remember than those which contain unordered numerals that don’t stick in their minds. […]

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Tips for Marketing Your Vanity Number

A vanity number can mean the difference between succeeding and failing to make an impact in your business. Marketing is a vital part of any company’s operation and this isn’t any different for lawyers. Most […]

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A Reckless Vanity Number Could Kill Your Online Tracking

A vanity number is an amazing tool, but it’s essential that a business use it effectively to increase advertising value. It’s imperative to recognize when your firm should and should not use a vanity number. […]

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1-800-ATTORNEY Offers Exclusive Attorney Marketing Opportunity In Houston

Looking for an Unique Marketing Opportunity? 1-800-ATTORNEY is proud to announce the availability of licensing rights for Houston. ONLY ONE attorney or law firm can join the national attorney network in Houston. This exclusive opportunity […]

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