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Tips for Marketing Your Vanity Number

Tips for Marketing Your Vanity Number

A vanity number can mean the difference between succeeding and failing to make an impact in your business. Marketing is a vital part of any company’s operation and this isn’t any different for lawyers. Most clients want a number that’s memorable and catchy; this is due to the massive competition these days and numerous establishments vying for the attention of prospective clients. In fact, a less experienced law firm can easily bag more clients than one which has more experience by virtue of having good marketing strategies. In this post, we’ll give you a few tips on marketing your vanity number so you can get the best returns on your efforts.

1. Make it Memorable

People get bombarded by dozens of ads every single day. The ads which stand out usually have a memorable spin to them. One of the ways you can make your vanity number memorable is to have it in jingle form. These usually become what people call ear worms; they keep playing in a person’s subconscious for extended periods of time, making them easy to recall at any given time. Another strategy which will make them memorable is to ensure that you have the number prominently displayed in your marketing and advertising campaigns. You could do this, for example, by having the number displayed in big, red and bold letters in order for them to stand out.

2. Stay Away From Hybrid Numbers

Hybrid numbers are hard to remember since they mix alphabetical letters and numerals. This makes it that much harder for an individual to recall the number. In fact, studies show that people are several times more likely to remember a vanity number that’s made up of words than numbers. Numbers are abstract and unless they come in a series of related numerals, you’d be much better off sticking to alphabetical letters. A good example here would be the obvious 1-800-ATTORNEY over 1-800-55-LAW-24.

3. Rev Up Your Ad Schedule

It’s important to ensure that you ads are heard by your target audience for as long as possible to achieve the desired result. One way of doing this is to run a moderate to heavy ad schedule in your local radio and television stations. This will help your audience retain your number better as well as become more familiar with your services.

Lastly, don’t forget to track and test your marketing efforts and make adjustments accordingly. Your target audience might be more receptive to one form of marketing than another; for example, if you’re a law firm dealing mostly in children’s cases such as birth injuries or daycare accidents, you might want to include aspects which will appeal to a prospective parent, done in a tasteful way.

All these tips will help you boost your lead generation if used in an efficient way. Vanity numbers can turn your business around as long as you choose one that’s memorable, unique and effective.

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