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What Can A Family Attorney Help Me With?

What Can A Family Attorney Help Me With?

Divorce, Annulment, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Property Division, Etc…

Family attorneys can assist in variety of ways related to family issues. Although marriage is a dream come true, divorces can be a nightmare. They can be especially heartbreaking when children are involved. Many people are not aware of all the services attorneys can provide.

family attorneysMany matters related to family issues can be resolved with the advice, guidance and professional work and coordination of an attorney. Many of the situations mentioned bellow truly should be handled by experts who have been educated, trained and specialized in the field of work. They have work experience and history in resolving the variety of problems that can happen in marriages and divorces.

Your trust is safe with the firm as client-attorney privileges are strictly adhered to as a standard.  No matter how difficult or traumatic your problems may seem, they will be less daunting with an attorney by your side.

The wide ranges of services related to family law are as follows:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements for common-law/same-sex marriages.
  • Specialized agreements for civil-unions, domestic partnerships or putative marriages.
  • Legal separations
  • Annulments
  • Divorces
  • Property division
  • Spousal alimony
  • Establish paternity
  • Child support
  • Establish visitation rights for parents and grandparents.
  • Guardianship
  • Foster Care
  • Ward of state or person for minors.
  • Bigamy
  • Incest
  • International child abduction
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Spousal rape
  • Jurisdiction clarification
  • Appeals
  • Court orders

Contact an attorney in the state you need help in as every state has their own laws and the attorney should be knowledgeable regarding the pertinent laws related to the needs of your case. Marriage and divorce laws often change but attorneys remain up to date. Recently the “Marriage Equality Act” was passed in some states legalizing gay and lesbian marriages. This has caused new challenges and new laws which expert attorneys are aware of. People sometimes attempt to resolve their problems alone, without professional help, and that can be harmful to a situation. Professional experts in the legal field should be contacted especially since emotions may prevent you from resolving family problems. Experts in the legal field find ways to reach amicable agreements using arbitration or the appropriate legal process to find fair resolutions for all.

How Do I Find a Family Lawyer?

Many legal firms offer free consultations if you are unsure about needing legal assistance at all. If you don’t know where to find the right attorney for your situation you can always contact your county’s bar association for a referral. If finances are tight, all legal offices offer a variety of payment options based on your income. Never feel it’s impossible to attain the right legal help. Law firms and the county bar association are able to refer you to Legal Aid if necessary.

Family attorneys provide appropriate legal advice through the entire process and file necessary paperwork on time. Place your trust in a good attorney and share your concerns. An attorney who is on your side can lighten the emotional load on your shoulders and advocate for you in court.

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