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Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Bankruptcy Law Our bankruptcy attorneys understand the stress and emotions that accompany filing for bankruptcy. We know how to getyou out from under debt and get your life back. Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a tool you can use to get your life back.

Whether you need help filing for chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy, or you need help with creditor harassment, call our attorneys today. Read more…


Business Law

Business Law Whether it’s formation, dissolution, complex business litigation, franchise law or any number of other business law issues, the lawyers at 1-800-ATTORNEY are prepared to aggressively protect your interests and help you achieve the best solution possible.

Our network of lawyers can assist with matters such as finance issues, commercial real estate, contract disputes, deceptive trade practices, and much much more. Read more…


Criminal Law

Criminal Law 1-800-ATTORNEY has criminal defense lawyers available to help in a wide range of legal issues including, but not limited to: traffic tickets, DWI, DUI, felony charges, misdemeanor charges, juvenile cases, drugs, and much more…

Our attorneys can help clients who have been accused of petty crimes such as shoplifting, DWI, and drug possession, to those who’ve been accused of more-serious crimes such as grand larceny or murder. If you have been accused of a crime and need legal assistance, call us today. Read more…


Employment Law

Employment Law Our employment attorneys are dedicated to protecting employee rights and holding businesses and companies accountable for their actions.

Whether you need assistance with a work injury claim (workers’ compensation or nonsubscriber), a breach of contract claim, harassment, unpaid overtime, or anything else, call 1-800-ATTORNEY today. Read more…


Family Law

Family Law Our attorneys are dedicated to carrying out the legal process with a focus on integrity and reaching the best possible solution for you and your loved ones.

Our network of attorneys can assist you with your divorce, child custody matters, domestic violence, estate planning & much more. Read more…


Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law Whether you or a loved one were in a car accident, injured by a defective product, hurt by a doctor’s negligence, or even a slip and fall accident, the choice you make in legal representation can be one of the most important decisions in your life.

If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, it is even more important that you find an attorney who you feel comfortable with. With any kind of wrongful death case, it is imperative that you act soon when it comes to legal representation. Read more…


Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer The area of U.S. immigration law is extremely complicated and requires the assistance of a professional to help applicants through the process. The right attorney will make sure all of the necessary paperwork is filed properly and thoroughly reviewed before submission.

At 1-800-ATTORNEY, our attorneys are available 24 hours a day to discuss the specifics of your case. Call us today and let us explain your legal options. Read more…

Don’t see your type of case listed? We may still be able to help. Call 1-800-ATTORNEY right now and speak with us about your case.

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