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Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

You Cannot Win on Your Own – You Will Only Help the Other Side

Car accident attorneys are a necessity for anyone injured in an automobile accident. Although some accident cases appear relatively simple to settle and the other party’s insurer makes you an offer, just consulting with a car accident attorney could result in adding thousands of dollars to your claim.

Personal injury, or tort law, includes injuries sustained in car accidents and requires that the plaintiff, or person bringing the injury claim, prove certain elements of his or her case before an insurance adjuster will consider making you a reasonable car accident settlement offer.

Studies show that the overwhelming majority of car accident and other personal injury claims result in more compensation to the injured party, even taking into account attorney’s fees. An experienced Houston personal injury attorney trained in car accidents and in the intricacies of insurance law can determine how you can obtain the best greatest possible value for your claim.

Car accidents typically happen because of another driver’s negligent driving conduct. Negligent conduct occurs because the other motorist was distracted, was speeding, failed to stop at a red light, or was intoxicated. Car accident attorneys can determine if a motorist’s failure to use ordinary care or caution in operating a vehicle under certain circumstances that results in an injury to you means you have an actionable injury claim.

A car accident lawyer can also determine if there are other responsible parties and conduct any necessary investigation to prove another party may have contributed to the accident and your injuries. For example, a municipality’s failure to safely design a stretch of highway may have been a contributing factor. In some cases, a gas tank that exploded on impact could mean a product liability case against the car’s manufacturer or designer.

Another element you have to prove is that you were injured and that your injuries were caused by this accident. Soft tissue injuries are strains or sprains that do not show up on X-rays or other diagnostic tests. You may also have had a preexisting condition that was aggravated by the accident. Your Houston personal injury lawyer demonstrates to an insurer or jury that your injuries were caused by the accident and that they could result in long-lasting and often permanent or disabling conditions.

Your damages help determine the value of your injury claim. As a plaintiff, you are entitled to special damages, or economic loss, that includes the following:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Property damage
  • Costs of rehabilitation

General damages, or pain and suffering, often constitute the most significant element of your damages. There is no personal injury settlement calculator, but your car accident lawyer formulates his or her valuation based upon the nature and extent of your injuries, your economic loss, permanent nature of your injuries if applicable, and how the accident has affected your life.

The majority of accident claims are settled before trial with the liable party’s insurance company. Insurance adjusters will seek to minimize your claims’ value and to question all aspects of your claim. If your car accident attorney is experienced in insurance claims and often has a history of dealing with particular agents and companies, he or she can advise you how insurers evaluate claims and what they are likely to offer for yours.

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