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Why Aren’t I Getting My Royalty Payments?

Why Aren’t I Getting My Royalty Payments?

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If you are a landowner in an area where oil and gas rights are common you should definitely have an aggressive, experienced business law attorney in mind when problems arise regarding royalty disputes.

Areas where you may need expert advice are:

  • Oil and gas royalty distribution
  • Contract terms of oil and gas rights
  • Lease payment, calculation and terms of oil and gas or division order
  • Unpaid or past-due royalties

Landowners who find themselves embroiled in complex contracts should seek the advice of an experienced business law attorney. It’s best to let an attorney resolve matters involving royalty payments, royalty and lease disputes, oil and gas rights and contract terms because they know the intricate laws relating to these issues.

How Can a Lawyer Protect My Business?

royalty disputesAttorneys can also identify fraudulent practices related to oil and gas leases and division orders. In royalty disputes, major profits are at stake and mistakes can lead to deceptive or careless with royalty payments. You should have a knowledgeable oil and gas lawyer to protect your interests in this lucrative field.

An attorney knows where to look when it comes to preventing or solving conflicts. Royalties disputes can stem from division orders and from the royalty provisions of a lease. Leases can require calculations based on proceeds while the division order bases it on market value. Percentages on royalty interests can also be incompatible between a division order and a lease. A lawyer understands how to reconcile these discrepancies.

What if I’m not Getting My Royalties?

As a royalty owner, your concern is receiving what is owed to you, in accurate and timely payments. Being a royalty owner is complex in itself as disputes often arise regarding the amount of a royalty payment due because of conflicts in terms or as a result of oversights and honest errors.

When inaccuracies and late payments result from deceptive and deliberate actions, it’s time to consult a business lawyer who can help sort the matter out for you. An attorney can provide an in-depth investigation into the exact circumstances of the deal, scrutinize legal documents, and review applicable laws.

Seek an attorney for a consultation if you are unsure about the law. They can provide legal understanding of your contract, leases, division orders, and royalty payments – allowing you to receive what is rightly yours. Their legal services can save you time, money and possibly salvage your working business agreement by settling your royalty dispute.

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