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Unsafe Child Product Attorney

Unsafe Child Product Attorney

Children Are at Risk Everyday

Children are in the most danger when it comes to defective products. Many hazardous materials are still not child-proof; some potentially poisonous items are even designed in a way that would attract children. Items like Tide’s laundry detergent pods which have bright patterns and colors look like candy to children. If one is swallowed, emergency care is needed in order to save the child from experiencing life-long damage. Other notorious unsafe products for children include toys made with lead paint and jungle gyms that have flawed designs.

When a child is hurt by an unsafe product, the aftermath can be devastating. Protect your family by being aware of recalls and carefully reading warnings. If your child is harmed, reach out to a lawyer who will fight for compensation that can pay for medical bills past, present and future.

Our legal system is one of the few remaining ways in corporate America where a large company can be held accountable for their mistakes and be pushed towards reform. Finding an unsafe child product attorney can not only help your family through this difficult time, but help keep other families safe by keeping the product out of the hands of children.

Who is Responsible?

The designers, manufacturers, even sellers of a noxious product can be held responsible depending on what went wrong. For example, a crib that too easily collapses might have been doomed from the start with a poor design. In that case, the original creator of the product bares a large share of the blame. Instances where the design is sound but individual parts make the object dangerous are likely to be the manufactures fault. An example would be weak screws in a swing set that make an otherwise swing set product perilous.

Descriptions Were Deceiving

There are times where all families needed were accurate warnings. A company has to be honest with you about its product within the packaging. If a toy is not appropriate for a child under the age of 3, it must say so. Missing or inaccurate warnings are one of the many ways businesses put children in harm’s way. One of the many reasons for filing a lawsuit after a child has been injured is to prevent other children from being hurt by forcing the company to change its products and be honest about what they are selling.

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