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Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident Attorney

Been injured or lost a family member in a truck wreck?

You need more than an ordinary car accident lawyer – You need a truck accident attorney.  Cases involving truck wrecks are far more complex than regular car wrecks. Truck accident claims involve different laws and regulations than auto accidents do. Government regulations are in place to protect the public from being hurt. For example, the government mandates how long a truck driver can be on the road during certain circumstances before he has to take a break. When truck drivers or their companies circumvent these rules the consequences can be dire.

No matter what you call them – big rigs, 18 wheelers, semi-trucks or tractor trailers – collisions with these large vehicles can cause devastating injuries or even death. Those injuries can lead to massive expenses in medical bills and lost wages. An entire family’s financial future can be altered by an 18 wheeler wreck. A settlement or jury award from a lawsuit can help get you back on your feet.

Who Is Responsible?

It is essential that you identify just who is responsible for the accident. Was it the truck driver’s negligent driving behavior or was it his company who put him on the road too long? Was the truck manufactured well or were there mistakes? Was the truck maintained the way it was supposed to be? On the surface an accident may look like it was caused only by the people there at the moment the crash occurred, but the truth is that many different people may have contributed to your injuries indirectly. An experienced lawyer can analyze what happened from start to finish.

Parties to your claim may be one or more of the following:

  • Truck Driver
  • Company Which Hired the Driver
  • Owner of the Cab or Trailer
  • Truck Cargo Loaders
  • Truck Manufacturer

Find the Right Lawyer Today

Texas has the one of the highest rates of truck wrecks in the country, and our attorneys are among the top in the nation. We start you off with a free phone consultation where you can share the individual details of your story. Our lawyers work on contingency, and do not receive a single cent until your family has compensation. Don’t try to deal with the ruthless trucking companies by yourself, trust our Texas auto accident law firm to fight for your  family.

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