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Texas Unpaid Wages Law Firm

Texas Unpaid Wages Law Firm

I Am Losing Thousands of Dollars in Unpaid Overtime! What can I do?

Companies big and small often accidentally misclassify or even actively deceive their employees into thinking that they are not entitled to overtime. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires all nonexempt employees be paid time-and-half for time they spend working over the typical 40 hour work week.

You work hard and you deserve to earn a fair wage for your labor. Don’t let the company you work for intimidate you into keeping quiet about unjust practices. If you are being paid unfairly speak with an attorney who understands the employment laws in Texas.

How Do I Know If What They’re Doing is Illegal?

Keep track of your time sheets, pay stubs, employee handbooks and other documentation associated with your occupation.  Compare the number of hours worked to the company policy.  How does it compare? Check to make sure you are being credited for all your work hours. Are there discrepancies?

Employers should not put pressure on you to sign any waivers that would make you voluntarily give up your overtime pay. If a supervisor wants you to sign a document that affects your pay, run it past a lawyer and make sure that you are doing the right thing for your family.

Remember there is no such thing as working “off the clock.” If you’re required to spend time on a project, then it is considered working on the clock. Time you spend correcting mistakes or errors in projects that have already been finished is still considered working.

Working time is not just about what happens at the office, travel time can also be a factor. If your job requires you to move from one location to another, then the transit time may be considered “working” time even if you are driving. Each situation is unique. To share the details of your work environment call 1-800 Attorney of fill out the online form.

Get Advice From an Expert

Employees of all types can be taken advantage of. Speak with an unpaid overtime lawyer for free today if you are unsure about your employer’s business practices. A lawyer may be able to help you get your hard earned money back and may even be able to change the company policies so that no one else is taken advantage of.

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