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Brain Injuries Caused by Sports Concussions

Sports are an important part of life for many Americans (especially teenagers), but what happens when an athlete suffers a serious brain injury as a result? If you or a loved one suffered a head injury, […]

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Opioid Lawsuits Brought by Cities, Counties, and States

It’s estimated that the number of opioid prescriptions across America have risen by 400 percent since 1999. This begs the question – are more Americans dealing with chronic pain, or is something else going on? […]

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The 5 Most-Common Types of Prescription Drug Injuries

Five Types of Drugs Most-Commonly Associated with Serious Side Effects Millions of Americans trust their doctors to provide them with treatment for conditions such as diabetes, depression, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disorders. While the medications that […]

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Food Recall Attorney

Food Contamination Can Cause Serious Injury – Even Death Every year different food products are recalled and removed from grocery stores and restaurants across the U.S. More than your average case of food poisoning, there […]

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Unsafe Child Product Attorney

Children Are at Risk Everyday Children are in the most danger when it comes to defective products. Many hazardous materials are still not child-proof; some potentially poisonous items are even designed in a way that […]

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Auto Defect Attorney

I Was Seriously Injured in a Car Wreck – The Safety Features Didn’t Work! Auto defects can lead to serious injuries, even death. When a key safety apparatus in a vehicle like a seatbelt or […]

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Drug Recall Attorney

Hurt By A Dangerous Drug? There are many dangerous pharmaceutical drugs out on the market today. It seems like every few months the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues another recall on a medication that […]

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Texas Product Liability Law Firm

Were You Hurt Because of a Defective or Dangerous Product? We’re here to help. Companies and manufactures who are involved in creating or selling a dangerous or defective product can be held responsible for your […]

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