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Texas Family Law Saw Many Changes Last Year

Many Laws Updated in 2011 There were many changes in Texas Family Law made in 2011. One of the most striking changes was the one that allows men to challenge paternity. Before this law, it […]

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What Can A Family Attorney Help Me With?

Divorce, Annulment, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Property Division, Etc… Family attorneys can assist in variety of ways related to family issues. Although marriage is a dream come true, divorces can be a nightmare. They can […]

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New Texas Law Sets Deadline to File as September of 2012- Call Your Child Support Attorney.

You Must Act Soon to Petition for a DNA Test A new law was passed and went in to effect on May 12, 2011, regarding paternity and the application of that paternity to child support […]

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How To Establish Paternity

The Importance of Establishing Paternity Establishing paternity in a child custody case can be as simple as having the father sign a written admission or voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. All states have programs that allow […]

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Change in Child Support Law Creates Complications – A Family Lawyer Can Guide You

Child Support Law Changes Last year, Texas revised many of its family laws. Before these revisions, Texas was one of the few states to maintain that biological parentage was not as important as the appearance […]

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