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What is Sex Discrimination?

Sex Discrimination… Explained Sex discrimination is the act of discriminating based on the gender or sex of the person. Often this is seen when someone is applying for a job. However, sex discrimination can remain […]

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What is Employment Discrimination?

Have You Been Discriminated Against at Work? Employment discrimination can mean many different things. The guideline that established employment discrimination protection in the United States of America was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The […]

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What is Considered as a Discriminatory Hiring Practice?

Discriminatory Hiring Practices… Explained Discriminatory hiring practices come in all shapes and sizes. Before labor laws were enacted, discrimination in hiring practices was rampant. It still exists; it is just more subtle now than it […]

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Who is an Employment Law Professional?

Employment Law Professionals – Who Are They? An employment law professional is a person who specializes in the application and interpretation of employment law. Employment law can vary depending on how it is applied. It […]

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What is Age Discrimination?

Have You Been Discriminated Against Due to Your Age? Age discrimination is a problem that faces many modern societies. Many societies, like the United States, value youth and strength above all else. These attitudes may […]

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