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What Can A Family Attorney Help Me With?

Divorce, Annulment, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Property Division, Etc… Family attorneys can assist in variety of ways related to family issues. Although marriage is a dream come true, divorces can be a nightmare. They can […]

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Domestic Violence & Child Custody Cases in Texas

Is Domestic Violence Considered in Texas Family Law Custody Cases? Domestic violence is a serious and an emotional topic. Texas family law recognizes that Domestic Violence has a profound impact on children who are living […]

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How To Establish Paternity

The Importance of Establishing Paternity Establishing paternity in a child custody case can be as simple as having the father sign a written admission or voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. All states have programs that allow […]

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Family Lawyers Protect the Rights of Family Members in Custody Disputes

We Can Help With Custody Disputes Family dynamics are often volatile. When parents disagree over the living situations of children, emotions can run high. It is important at these times to have family lawyers whom […]

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