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Surgery Mistake Attorney

Surgery Mistake Attorney

Did a Botched Surgery Maim You For Life?

Surgeries are the most risky of medical procedures. Even a small mistake can turn catastrophic. If you’ve ever had a surgery go wrong than you know how terrible it can be. There are infamous stories of surgeons who aren’t paying attention and perform the wrong operation – sometimes removing the wrong organ or the wrong limb!

Other notorious incidents include medical teams that sew back up patients but leave important surgical material inside. A sponge, pair of scissors, scalpel or piece of gauze gets trapped inside the victim’s body often resulting in horrible infections and multiple surgeries.

How Common Are These Huge Mistakes?

These colossal errors are actually more common than you might think. Recent studies show that medical mistakes are grossly under reported by medical assessment software and of course by the medical professionals who make the mistakes but don’t want to turn themselves in. Sometimes second surgeries will occur before the victim and the victim’s family can be made aware of the mistake. Doctors have also been known to alter records to cover up their mistakes. In certain cases, such as wrongful amputation there’s no amount of subterfuge that can hide the results of a surgical mistake.

What Causes Surgery Errors?

Certain errors occur due to the surgeon’s lack of skill, experience or attention. Any medical professional involved in the surgery can be the root cause of a medical mistake. For example if the surgeon leaves the room and the nurse is the one who closes the surgical wound while leaving a tool inside, it is still surgical medical malpractice even if it wasn’t a result of the surgeon’s direct actions.

Miscommunications at large hospitals with intricate bureaucracies can prove to be unalterable. For example, at one nationally-ranked hospital a good kidney was thrown out by mistake. A donor had come in to give away one kidney to an ailing patient. Rather than transplant that kidney properly or return it safely to its owner if the transplant was found to be incompatible, the organ was thrown away like a piece of trash leaving one patient seriously ill and a previously healthy patient scarred for life for no reason.

What Can Be Done?

A lawsuit could ensure that your family has all the medical expenses both past and future covered. It also brings the medical professionals’ and hospital’s mistake into the public eye, functioning as a warning to others who may have been considering using a terrible surgeon for a critical procedure.

Stop Surgical Mistakes, Get Help For Your Family

To get started on the road towards justice, talk to a surgical mistake attorney at our Texas Medical Malpractice Law Firm. Our dedicated lawyers have gone up against big hospitals and high-profile physicians in the past and secured considerable jury awards for past clients. Don’t forget that there’s a time limit on how long after a failed surgery a lawsuit can be filed. Make the call today and receive a free consultation.

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