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Slip and Fall Accidents at a Restaurant

Slip and Fall Accidents at a Restaurant

Slip and Fall Accidents at a Restaurant

Suing for a Slip and Fall Accident at a Restaurant

Slip and Fall Accidents, a Restaurant’s Responsibility, and Your Legal Options.

Were you recently injured in a slip, trip and fall accident at a restaurant or fast food establishment? Call 1-800-ATTORNEY. We may be able to help you recover compensation.

Many people have misconceptions about slip and fall lawsuits, but the law is pretty clear. Restaurants must follow very specific laws in regard to consumer safety, including issues of premises liability. A business owes a duty to the customer to keep them from unnecessary harm, and when they fail to do so, they may open themselves up to a personal injury lawsuit.

What the Law Says

According to premises liability law, customers are classified as “invitees” and are thus owed the highest level of care. This is because you’re entering into the establishment with the express or implied consent of the owner, in order to benefit the restaurant owner with your business. The operators of the restaurant must inspect the premises often to discover and act upon any known dangers (or issues that should have been known) so you can take necessary steps to avoid them.

Slip and fall injuries happen in many different ways in a restaurant setting:

  • A puddle of water, soda, or even food left on the floor could lead to someone slipping and falling.
  • Cracked pavement on the walkway leading to the restaurant entrance could lead to a patron falling.
  • Areas under construction (without proper signage) could lead to injuries caused by uneven floors, tools or equipment in a pathway, etc.

That said, just because you were injured due to a fall at a restaurant doesn’t mean that the restaurant is automatically liable. The law requires you to prove that the restaurant owner acted in a negligent manner to cause the slip and fall accident. In addition, you need to prove that the owners failed to make the environment around the restaurant safe for patrons like you. Lastly, you need to provide evidence of extensive injuries as well as anything that may help you prove that you have a solid case. The law is complex, but if you call 1-800-ATTORNEY, our attorneys will evaluate the facts of your case for free and let you know where you stand.

Building a Strong Case

Immediately after a slip and fall accident, there are things that you can do to make sure that you have the best chance at a successful claim. Here’s a list of things you should (ideally) carry out:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes, an injury that doesn’t seem serious can escalate a few days later, requiring surgery and hospitalization. Without a medical professional documenting your injuries, you have little recourse for recovering any compensation.
  2. Take photos of the accident scene from different angles.
  3. Report the incident to management. Give them your personal information and ask for theirs as well. However, under no circumstance should you sign anything or accept to be filmed giving any kind of testimony to them.
  4. Talk to witnesses at the scene and ask for their personal information.
  5. It’s usually advisable to keep the shoes you were wearing that day in a safe place since they may be used as evidence.
  6. Contact a good personal injury lawyer within the hour or on the same day if possible. Time is imperative in these type of cases.

It’s in your best interests to contact a slip and fall injury lawyer as soon as possible in order to see whether you have a strong case. Through a lawsuit, you may be able to recover compensation for your hospital and rehabilitation bills, lost wages and more.

Call 1-800-ATTORNEY today to speak to one of our highly qualified attorneys, for free, to see how best we can help you.

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  1. That is good to know you should seek medical attention if you were to slip and fall. It would be good to get treated for something that would escalate in a few days. Maybe it would be good to get a slip and fall attorney as well to help build a strong case with my medical attention.

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