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The Power of a Vanity Phone Number

The Power of a Vanity Phone Number

The Power of a Vanity Phone Number

Vanity Number Success

A good vanity phone number can work wonders for new businesses breaking into existing markets.

Any company just starting out is keenly aware of the challenges of breaking into an existing market. For most companies, their success didn’t come overnight; they had to build relationships and a reputation with the public as a trusted brand. While this still holds true, there are definitely shortcuts which exist to help jump start your marketing efforts—especially if we’re talking about a newly-formed law firm.

One of these shortcuts is to align your company’s branding with an already-trusted and recognizable brand. The right 1-800 vanity phone number has the potential to help relatively-unknown companies achieve instant recognition and success over a much shorter period of time. Not any vanity phone number will work, of course. 1-855-44-LEGAL may technically be a vanity number, but there is no reputation or prestige associated with it. In order to achieve success through this method, your company needs a premium vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free vanity numbers remove the burden of call costs from the prospective client, meaning that a customer is more likely to want to call you and talk with you at length without the scepter of high phone charges hanging over their head. In addition, the toll-free nature of these numbers opens you up to clients all over the country, boosting your business in ways you never thought possible.

Vanity Numbers – An Exclusive Club

Premium vanity numbers are associated with prestige and better brand quality. This is because they are currently in use by some of the biggest brands in the country. This thus creates an association in a customer’s head of your brand and the successful ones they’ve encountered via print, radio and TV advertising. Since trust is a big part of a customer’s purchasing process, they are more likely to seek you out by virtue of the prestige tied to a premium vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Get 1-800-ATTORNEY Today!

If you’d like to license 1-800-ATTORNEY exclusively in your area, call or email us today to discuss pricing and availability. This number is only available to ONE law firm in each area of the country, so it’s in your best interests to call and lock up your metropolitan area (or entire state) now, before a competitor beats you to it. Visit this page for more information about this amazing opportunity.

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