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1-800-ATTORNEY Available to ONE Pennsylvania Lawyer

1-800-ATTORNEY Available to ONE Pennsylvania Lawyer

1-800-ATTORNEY Available to ONE Pennsylvania Lawyer

We live in a fast-paced world. Your law firm needs to stand out. Your prospective clients are looking for ease and convenience. As a law firm, you’ll always be looking for a way to beat the competition. The solution? Aligning your firm with the most prestigious vanity phone number in the legal industry – 1-800-ATTORNEY!

A vanity number is simply a 1-800 number with a memorable word after it. In our case, we offer you full privileges to the 1-800-ATTORNEY number in your state – and the State of Pennsylvania is now available to license! This deal doesn’t come often, and it could have a powerful and lasting effect on your firm’s success.

People LOVE Vanity Numbers

Marketing Advantages

Vanity numbers hark from the seventies when marketers realized the power of words over numbers. Unless you’re a mathematician, you probably find it difficult to remember a string of 10 random numbers. People are more likely to remember and respond to words than numbers because that’s the language of the conscious human brain. By using a vanity number, you’ll give prospective clients an easy way of remembering your law firm, and an easy way of contacting you.

At any given time, your law firm is competing with hundreds of others in your state. Because of this, you might have a hard time standing head and shoulders above the competition – especially if you’re a new firm. You can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising without any of your efforts panning out. Using the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number will give you an instant level of prestige, and can have an immediate effect on your business.


There’s a certain level of prestige connected to companies who use great vanity numbers. By licensing 1-800-ATTORNEY, you’ll be able to join this exclusive club instantly, leaving the competition behind for good.

Effective Lead Generation Tool

If you’ve always wanted an effective lead generation tool, look no further. There’s virtually no way for a client to incorrectly dial 1-800-ATTORNEY. All client calls are routed straight to you. No answering service, no stressed clients, and no wasted time. A vanity number is simply the most effective way to ensure that your marketing efforts are as effective as possible. It makes sense that a commuter might see your billboard and remember the 1-800-ATTORNEY phone number. That same potential client would be hard-pressed to remember a numeric phone number such as 1-877-555-9114. In fact, vanity 800 numbers improve customer recall rates in visual aids by up to 84% and yield a recall rate 9 times higher than numeric toll-free numbers in broadcast ads!

1-800 vanity numbers are also toll-free. Most clients will appreciate that you have a number that they can call free of charge. This will instill trust and confidence in them and make it more likely for them to become repeat customers or recommend your firm’s services to friends or family.

Act NOW!

This number is available to ONLY ONE attorney in Pennsylvania. Please call 1-800-704-3578 today to lock in 1-800-ATTORNEY for your law firm. What’s even more exciting is that right now, we’ll waive all setup costs in order to make it easy for your firm to make the transition to your new number. At the same time, you’ll be allowed to upload content such as blog posts, videos and FAQ’s directly to the website.

You’ll also get to join a national legal network of other experienced attorneys, which will in turn open you up to many, many more opportunities. Have a question about how to market this phone number in your area? Who better to talk to than other attorneys who’ve done the exact thing before?! Get in touch with us today. It’s cheaper than you think, and it could completely revolutionize your law firm.

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