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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents are among the most serious. When a car strikes a person the injuries can be critical even fatal.

Many pedestrian accidents occur in the late afternoon around 3 orpe 4 o’clock. This is the time when many children are walking back from school. Children and the elderly have the highest risk of being hurt or even killed when hit by a vehicle. School zone laws can seem like an inconvenience, but those laws are in place for a very good reason. It’s important to be cautious in areas where many people are walking. Cross-walks which are meant to protect kids are all too often ignored by negligent drivers. Residential alleys, drive-ways and sidewalks are also places where walking children can be hurt by a wayward vehicle.

In addition to school zones, new laws limiting talking and texting on cell phones are trying to decrease the number of distracted drivers. Unfortunately, there are still distracted drivers whose car strike pedestrians.

Other High Risk Areas

School zones are not the only area where pedestrian accidents are likely to happen. Lower income neighborhoods experience more pedestrian wrecks than average because residents often have less access to personal vehicles. With more people on foot the risk of a car accident goes up. When traveling through a lower income area it’s essential for drivers to be more aware of pedestrians, particularly when making a turn. Street lighting at night is not always the best – stay alert for those out on a late night stroll.

Other Causes Include:

  • Distracted Driving – Texting, talking, listening to music, using a GPS are just some of the many ways that drivers get distracted
  • Intoxicating Driving – Drunk drivers can cause fatal car wrecks and pedestrian deaths. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that drunk drivers are only on the roads on late nights and weekends.  Sadly, drunk driving accidents can occur in the morning or afternoon of a weekday.
  • Speeding – Anytime a driver speeds he or she has less control over the vehicle making last minute corrections more difficult. Injuries are more severe when the driver hit someone at a higher rate of speed.
  • Turning without looking – Drivers who are too preoccupied with the traffic facing them can hurt pedestrians as they try to make a turn.
  • Violating Cross-Walks – Ignoring cross-walks or attempting to speed through them before a pedestrian comes closer to the vehicle can cause stomach-turning accidents.

There are a few instances where a pedestrian accident may be the fault of the pedestrian such as jaywalking. Remember, however, that it is against the law for a car to hit a pedestrian and flee the scene without rendering aid. A hit-and-run is a serious criminal offense. Criminal and civil cases can result from such gross negligent behavior.

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If a car hits you while you’re on foot the injuries can be serious, even fatal. Seek help immediately if you’re the victim of a pedestrian car wreck.

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