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Nursing Mistakes Attorney

Nursing Mistakes Attorney

Is It Medical Malpractice If It Was a Nurse’s Mistake?

We associate medical malpractice with doctors, but in fact it applies to any medical professional including nurses. Nurses have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to their patients’ care. They are usually the first in the room when a patient’s condition worsens and often monitor the patient more closely than the physician. A nurse’s mistake can lead to the serious injury, even death of a patient.

What makes a nurse negligent? Negligence comes in a variety of different forms. It can be the result of a nurse’s inattention. If the nurse did not come after being alerted within a reasonable amount of time, or if the nurse failed to give the patient specific medications that would be considered negligent behavior. Nurses are often in charge of hooking up and monitoring electronic equipment. Medical equipment can be critical, if the equipment is not properly attached and watched by trained personnel that can have painful consequences for the patient.

Nurses are also the bridge between patients and their doctors. One of the most egregious mistakes a nurse can make is deciding not to call a physician when one is sorely needed. Refusing not to alert a doctor can have dire consequences particularly in cases where a pregnant patient is struggling with delivery. If a nurse chooses not to retrieve the OBYGN in time, both mother and fetus could face major health problems.

How Do I know If I Have a Case?

The first thing to consider when wondering if you have a case is thinking about long term effects.  Medical malpractice cases generally center on a life-altering event where a patient received injuries that will stay with them forever. Malpractice cases can be very complex, experts are often needed to review documents in order to fully understand what took place during a malpractice incident and to understand what kind of care the individual will need in the future. You may not know exactly what happened, that’s why it’s important to speak with a lawyer who can request the documentation necessary to investigate.

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