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Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney

Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney

Were you misdiagnosed? Did the doctor fail to diagnose?

A diagnosis is key to any plan of medical treatment. If the doctor doesn’t understand what’s really wrong with you, than he or she is unlikely to be able to provide the care that you need. Or worse, the doctor may actually provide care which actively worsens your condition.

What’s the harm?

Certain treatments and prescription drugs can cause serious damage if they are proscribed for the wrong reasons. For example, strong cancer-fighting treatments like chemo therapy can have lasting side effects. Those side effects are often acceptable in the face of a life-threatening cancer. However, if a patient has been misdiagnosed and is actually cancer-free than those same life-saving treatments can cause permanent, unnecessary harm.

Some cases of misdiagnosis can be extreme. Doctors have been known to miss even the most obvious of diagnoses, ignoring patients who are clearly suffering from a perilous condition. Misdiagnosis can truly be a matter of life and death.

Always Get a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion is a good idea when it comes to medical care. What one doctor overlooked might be recognized by another physician. One of the challenging aspects of medical malpractice is that only another doctor can correct the errors of a previous physician. Our Texas Medical Malpractice Law Firm will fight for your rights in court, but ultimately medical professionals will be needed to provide accurate medical care. Handle your care right the first time by seeking second opinions if you feel the initial doctor did not present a compelling diagnosis that matches your symptoms.

Seek Help Today

If you or a loved one has been the victim of our dysfunctional health care system, call our firm today for your free consultation. Our medical misdiagnosis attorneys have the intelligence and compassion that you need now more than ever. Our cases are taken on contingency which means no hourly fees and no out-of-pocket costs for you and your family. There’s no reason to wait, pick up the phone today.

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