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Lawyer Holdings, LLC Launches 1-800-ATTORNEY National Attorney Network

Lawyer Holdings, LLC Launches 1-800-ATTORNEY National Attorney Network

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Lawyer Holdings, LLC announces the official launch of their national attorney network consisting of the website and the phone number 1-800-ATTORNEY. 1-800-ATTORNEY is an exclusive attorney network which leverages cutting edge technology and online marketing with the most memorable name in the legal profession. The phone number and the website provide the public with a simple, quick and confidential way to find a lawyer and get legal help.

The 1-800-ATTORNEY network provides selected law firms with an invaluable lead generation tool of a targeted, conversion-oriented website and unforgettable phone number. The network is divided by geographic locations and only one attorney or law firm will be selected in each area. All leads from phone calls and on-line submissions from that geographic location will go directly to the subscribing law firm.

The law firm has control over its own local network with the ability to select the cases it wants to retain and refer out other cases which are outside of its practice area to attorneys of its choosing. The subscribing law firm will also enjoy connecting with other attorneys nationally within the network.

Although several premium locations have already been claimed including Dallas, Orlando, and Miami, locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC (just to name a few) are available immediately. Similar vanity phone numbers are virtually sold out, making the 1-800-ATTORNEY network an ideal choice for those wanting the use of an easy-to-remember vanity number as a means for potential clients to remember their own firm brand.

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For more information on how you can secure your place in the 1-800-ATTORNEY network, click here or call 1-800-704-3578.

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