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1-800-ATTORNEY Now Available to Lawyers in Las Vegas

1-800-ATTORNEY Now Available to Lawyers in Las Vegas

A phone number holds the key to the door between you and your clients. This is because most people look for a number to call when they spot a business whose services they’re looking for. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your business number is impactful and memorable. Vanity numbers provide you with this kind of convenience and may even make or break your practice.

Beat The Competition

Las Vegas Attorney marketingFirst introduced in the seventies, vanity numbers have become synonymous with American consumer culture. At the same time, many studies have clearly shown that people are more likely to remember telephone numbers which spell out a word compared to an exclusively numerical phone number. Getting a vanity number for your Las Vegas law firm can bring in a large number of clients and possibly help you beat the competition in your city.

A vanity number can improve your marketing efforts since it provides you with real-time stats regarding your clients as well as the effects of placing ads in certain timeslots in various forms of media as well as on billboards. You can use the information garnered from your vanity number to tweak your marketing efforts and target a different clientele based on your needs at that moment.

Vanity numbers are also available on a toll-free basis to your clients. This will give them the peace of mind in knowing that they can call you for extensive consultation without running up their phone bill. It’s these little things that clients appreciate. They are also more likely to recommend you to friends and family because a toll-free number is part of good customer service which always goes well with prospective clients.

Grow Your Call Volume

Ordinary numbers may be hard to memorize. As a result, clients who see your commercial, billboard, hear your radio ad, etc may never remember your 10 digit phone number. If you wanted to buy contact lenses over the phone, what number would you try? 1-800-CONTACTS? What if you wanted to order flowers over the phone? 1-800-FLOWERS perhaps? The fact is that when looking for an attorney, many people simply call 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Act NOW!

The 1-800-ATTORNEY number is available for only ONE law firm in Las Vegas. If you’d like to have this number, please get in touch with us today at 1-800-704-3578. Please note that this number is highly prized so it will be in your best interest to act fast. You deserve to stand out, head and shoulders above the competition. We look forward to hearing from you.

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