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Failure to Treat Attorney

Failure to Treat Attorney

Did You Never Get the Treatment You Needed?

Failure to treat is a form of medical malpractice where the medical professionals never provide the care that you need. This can happen even if they doctors and nurses know what’s wrong with you and are aware of the treatment that you need, but simply don’t provide it. At best it is a frustrating experience, and at worst it leads to serious physical harm, even death. If you’ve suffered long-term damage because of a situation like this, you should reach out to a lawyer.

What’s an Example of a Typical Case?

There are many heart-wrenching cases that come through our Texas Medical Malpractice Law Firm’s doors including cases where a patient was diagnosed with cancer but never received the treatment that was needed. Diseases like cancer grow progressively worse if untreated. As soon as possible after the diagnosis is made, some form of treatment should begin whether it’s chemo therapy, radiation or surgery.

Unfortunately, our ill-managed healthcare system can result in patients being completely forgotten, and even after medical professionals have accurately identified the problem, care is not delivered in a timely manner. When a life-threatening condition is involved, every second counts. Care delayed can be care denied. Remember, medical malpractice doesn’t always mean a doctor did something wrong. It can also mean doing nothing at all. Sometimes not acting in and of itself can be a fatal mistake.

Don’t Delay – Call Now

Victims and family members of victims should seek help as soon as they can. There’s a time limit on how long after a malpractice incident that a family can file a lawsuit. Our failure to treat attorneys and staff are standing by to listen to your family’s story in a free consultation. Cases are on contingency, and there’s no payment that doesn’t come out of a settlement or award first. Dial 1-800 ATTORNEY or fill out an online form to get started.

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