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Expand Your Law Firm’s Horizons With 1-800-ATTORNEY

Expand Your Law Firm’s Horizons With 1-800-ATTORNEY

Expand Your Law Firm's Horizons With 1-800-ATTORNEY

1-800-ATTORNEY and New Horizons

Using 1-800-ATTORNEY for your law firm can open your business to new and exciting possibilities.

In addition to being able to boost your response rate by 40 percent, vanity numbers have the potential to help you break into previously undiscovered or hard to break into niches or practice areas.

Vanity numbers are used in almost every industry, and for good reason. Premium 1-800 vanity numbers (like 1-800-ATTORNEY) can be extremely valuable, but unfortunately, are hard to come by. Vanity numbers are preferable to consumers and businesses alike because they’re easy to remember. In addition to providing a higher response rate, vanity numbers can even allow you to tap into a certain niche, in which you’ve previously not been able to gain traction.

Demand May Lead to Expansion

A firm who uses a premium vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY in their marketing efforts may find itself taking calls for many different types of legal situations. This firm may notice that the region from which they operate has a dearth of good immigration lawyers, but a huge demand for them. Thanks to the endless calls on this issue, they may decide to establish a new department dealing with immigration law to take advantage of the popularity of this niche.

Build B2B Relationships With Other Firms

Take the example of a personal injury law firm which handles cases touching on car accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, birth injuries and nursing abuse. Due to the sheer number of calls that this law firm gets as a result of their marketing efforts, they end up receiving a number of calls from people seeking a criminal defense lawyer. This law firm can then choose to refer these leads directly to another law firm which practices criminal defense. By doing so, they can build relationships with other attorneys in their area with the goal of bringing personal injury leads back to the firm.

Licensing the 1-800-ATTORNEY Phone Number

Clearly, a premium 1-800 vanity number can give you a competitive advantage over other law firms in your area. 1-800-ATTORNEY is available for licensing by only ONE law firm in each area, and operates on a first come first served basis. Call 1-800-704-3578 today and lock in your area while it’s still available!

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