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Education Fraud Law Firm

Education Fraud Law Firm

Were you misled or taken advantage of by a for-profit school? Do you have questions about your rights? Our education fraud attorneys may be able to help!

More Americans than every are turning to for-profit schools to further their education.  While it can be a great option, there are those who see this as an opportunity to cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

There are many different ways for profit schools can mislead and take advantage of prospective students.  If any of the following sound familiar, contact us today for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

  • The school misrepresented their job placement figures.
  • The school’s claims of course credit transferability were incorrect.
  • The school made false claims about their accreditation and certification.
  • The school misled you on the true overall costs of their curriculum.
  • The school participated in misleading or exploitative financial aid practices.
  • The school made false claims about salary expectations upon graduation.

For-profit schools can be very aggressive when recruiting students, oftentimes saying what they think prospective students want to hear, even if that means manipulating the truth. As a result, victims end up spending large amounts of time and money and accruing thousands in debt from student loans for an education that can’t help them.  It’s not the education that was promised or paid for.

If you feel that a school and/or its recruiters have misled or taken advantage of your desire to learn, contact a school scam lawyer today.  While we can never recover the time and effort you lost, we may be able to help you avoid further financial damage and recover the money you spent.  It’s time we fight back and put a stop to predatory and misleading for-profit schools.

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