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Covenant Transport Truck Accident Attorney

Covenant Transport Truck Accident Attorney

Covenant Transport Truck Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in an accident involving a Covenant Transport 18-wheeler? Call 1-800-ATTORNEY today for a free consultation.

According to the FMCSA, Covenant Transport is comprised of over 1,600 semi-trucks as well as more than 2,400 truck drivers. In the past 24 months (as of September 2016), drivers for Covenant have been involved in at least 258 truck accidents. 71 of those accidents resulted in at least one injury, and eight of them involved at least one wrongful death.

Many people are unaware of this, but commercial 18-wheeler trucks are actually governed by an additional set of transportation laws, owing to their size and use. This makes car accidents involving large trucks much more complex. For example, if your attorney can show that the trucking company routinely skirted federal hours of service rules, you could be permitted to seek punitive damages in addition to compensation for your injuries. Through an attorney investigation, you may discover additional violations such as failed drug tests, lack of a background check, maintenance or equipment violations, gross weight violations, and more. All of these factors can have a big impact on the strength of your case.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligent actions of a Covenant Transport truck driver, you need a truck accident attorney on your side. For a free consultation into your legal options, call 1-800-ATTORNEY today.

Beware of the Insurance Company

Commercial trucks are required to carry insurance policies with MUCH higher limits than normal passenger cars. While your own car insurance policy may have a $60,000 limit for bodily injury, the truck driver’s policy can easily reach into the millions of dollars. For this reason, commercial insurance companies will literally do everything in their power to reduce the value of your claim. Be aware that these people are not looking out for you; their job is to pay out as little as possible in order to please their shareholders.

Most of the time, the insurance company won’t even tell you that they’re denying your claim. Rather, they tell you to seek medical treatment and save your bills so that they can pay them later. This seems somewhat reasonable to many people, but it’s actually the oldest trick in the book.

When you do complete treatment, that’s when they tell you they’re denying your claim or only offering to cover 10% of your medical bills. By this time, its been six months since your accident, medical bills and other debts are piling up, and they’re holding all the leverage. Most attorneys won’t take your case on this late into the process, so you can see why this tactic is so popular with them.

Get Legal Help Today

If you’ve been injured by a Covenant Transport truck driver, please call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY. We’re happy to discuss the facts of your case over the phone, and can explain the legal options available to you and your family for no charge. If you decide to hire us, you’ll never pay a penny in attorneys fees unless we actually win your case or secure a fair monetary settlement.

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