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Auto Defect Attorney

Auto Defect Attorney

I Was Seriously Injured in a Car Wreck – The Safety Features Didn’t Work!

Auto defects can lead to serious injuries, even death. When a key safety apparatus in a vehicle like a seatbelt or airbag doesn’t function as advertised, the results can be devastating. Time and time again auto companies have released cars with major defects like faulty brakes or accelerators. Victims shouldn’t have to pay their own medical costs and other expenses. The automobile company should compensate you for the pain that you have experienced.

What Causes a Car Defect?

A defect can happen at any number of different points. Some flaws occur during design process, and others manifest during manufacturing. Errors can be left unnoticed by car companies who don’t take the time to properly test their vehicles for safety. Certain greedy corporations may choose to release cars that are unfit into the market because they believe that a recall will be more costly than paying legal damages.

What Types of Defects Are Most Common?

These are only a few examples of auto defects that our experienced attorneys have encountered:

Faulty Airbags

  • Failure to deploy
  • Deploys foo much force
  • Deploys too slowly

Unsafe Seat Belts

  • Poorly made lap-belt
  • Improperly placed anchor
  • Dysfunctional seat belt re-tractor
  • Inadequate seat belt latch
  • Broken seat belt release button

Dangerous Seat Backs

  • Flawed design
  • Bad construction
  • Poor materials used

Defective Tires

  • Problematic design
  • Inappropriate materials used
  • Incorrect manufacturing techniques

Crash worthiness – the auto company should have tested the following:

  • effective restraint systems
  • prevention of passenger ejection during an accident
  • limited intrusion into the passenger compartment if vehicle exterior is crushed
  • prevention of fuel-fed fires

Don’t Be Intimidated by the Auto Industry

If you’ve been injured because of a defective part in your vehicle, call an attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers at the Rasansky Law Firm will work hard to get you the medical care that you need as well as the compensation that you deserve.

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