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Legal Shield

Pre-Paid Lawyer Service

Legal ShieldFor many situations, we have found a Legal Plan may provide you with the resources needed, without the need to hire an outside law firm.   If you are having trouble finding an attorney to take your case, our recommendation is to consider LegalShield, a pre-paid legal membership, giving you direct access to attorneys, often without additional cost.

Instant access to your own consulting attorney can be a great tool when faced with any number of personal, legal or business situations.  From divorce advice and real estate to identity theft and beyond, LegalShield provides you with the legal help and protection you need.

You can call LegalShield anytime you have a legal issue, even if you simply need a specific question answered or somebody to point you in the right direction.   Many times they will place a call or write a letter on your behalf.   For a small monthly fee, often less than $40, you will have access to an attorney and legal team anytime you require legal assistance.

If you are interested in subscribing, I encourage you to sign up for the membership online – it’s easy and secure.


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