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Car Accident Injury Claims vs Property Damage Claims

Car Accident Injury Claims vs Property Damage Claims

Personal Injury vs Property Damage Claims

If you were injured in a car accident, understand that the insurance company is not on your side.

The first thing that many of us think about following a car accident is the property damage. If you suffered an injury though, the claims process is an entirely different animal.

The vast majority of auto accident claims are for property damage only, and you’ve likely handled such claims in the past with little to no trouble. Trying to handle your own injury claim, on the other hand, is an uphill battle. Having an attorney on your side is not only smart; these attorneys work on a no-win no-fee basis and can drastically increase the value of your case. For a free consultation, call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY.

Property Damage Claims in Car Accident Cases

Property damage claims are pretty straightforward. These claims usually cover things like the cost of repairing or replacing a totaled car, costs associated with replacing damaged personal items that were in the car at the time of the accident (as well as any other damage caused by the wreck itself).

It’s easy to put a dollar amount on these types of damages because one only has to provide receipts or evidence regarding the cost of the body work and/or replacing other damaged items.

While the insurance company may try and offer you less than expected, these disputes can usually be worked out without the help of an attorney.

Personal Injury Claims are Highly Contested

Bodily injury claims, however, are another story altogether. This is because there are so many variables (as well as potential future expenses) to consider.

For instance, if you suffered traumatic brain injury, how would you determine what your total damages (losses) actually are? How can you put a price on the effect this injury will have on the rest of your life?

Non-economic damages (e.g., pain and suffering) are inherently difficult to quantify. Not only will the insurance company demand that you explain how you calculated these costs, they’ll actively work to discredit your claim throughout the entire process.

Your only responsibility at this time should be recovering from your injuries; not fighting with the insurance company. By hiring an attorney, you can rest easy while we collect evidence, evaluate your total damages (including expected future costs), and work on your behalf to make sure you’re fairly compensated.

Call the Personal Injury Lawyers at 1-800-ATTORNEY Today

Personal injury claims tend to be heavily contested because they can add up to a substantial amount of money. Without an attorney, you will be fighting an uphill battle with little to no leverage.

While the insurance company’s job is to pay out as little as possible (or nothing at all), an attorney who will get you the medical treatment you need, while also handling your entire claim from beginning to end. Best of all, we work on contingency, meaning you never pay us a penny out of pocket. Call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free consultation.

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