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Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

Helpful Marketing Articles for Lawyers With Vanity Numbers

marketing strategyAt 1-800-ATTORNEY we are committed to helping law firms succeed.  Like any marketing tool, a vanity number works best when it is effectively incorporated into an overall marketing strategy. On this page we hope to share useful information to help you effectively market your law firm.

Beyond offering attorneys the opportunity to join the 1-800-ATTORNEY network, we are committed to sharing our knowledge with attorneys across the country who are interested in learning up-to-date marketing information and those who understanding the multiple benefits of a vanity number.


The most important tip is to use repetition! Make sure you use 1-800-ATTORNEY on your website, across all social media, in your email signature, on YouTube (and all of your media channels), newsletters, promotional items, business cards and other marketing opportunities. This will help pull more leads by ensuring that potential clients retain your easy-to-remember phone number.

Use it in a Jingle

Short advertising jingles are a proven way to make an impression, and ensure that your advertisement sticks in people’s minds. Listen to the radio for a bit and you will see that a vast majority of businesses use some sort of jingle. These can last for years (if done right), and incorporating your phone number is the best thing you can do in terms of conversion.

Advertising Blitz

Every marketing company will tell you that a saturated ad campaign will have deliver more results. Not because they just want to sell more ad spots, but because it actually works. People are used to tuning out advertisements, and often the best way to break this habit is by repetition. Remember the JG Wentworth ads? Of course you do. “It’s my money, and I want it now!” Structured settlement companies have been around forever, but now when most lay people hear “structured settlement,” they immediately think JG Wentworth.


While many people think billboards are an “old” way to advertise, they can be very useful to a local law firm. With a vanity number like 1-800-ATTORNEY, they can be invaluable. The problem with billboard advertising is that you have much lower engagement with those who view the ad. They’re non-targeted (besides geographically), you cant click them, you can’t save them, etc etc… The BEST way to effectively use a billboard is by using branding. A passing motorist will never remember a 10-digit random string of numbers, but will certainly remember 1-800-ATTORNEY. On top of the benefit of retention, you are aligning your firm with a very respectable brand name.

We Want to Hear From You

Any law firm – in or out of network – is welcome to offer a perspective on marketing a vanity number. We continue to learn marketing info from the wider legal community every day. Share your opinion across social media or e-mail your comments using the form found on this page.

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