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Understanding Contingency Fees

Understanding Contingency Fees

Contingency Fee Lawyers

While many people think they cannot afford to hire a lawyer, there are many types of cases where a client can hire an attorney for no out-of-pocket cost. This type of fee structure is called a contingency fee agreement, and is often referred to as a “no win, no fee” agreement.

What this means is that if your attorney wins your case (and wins you compensation), the fees are paid directly out of the settlement or jury award. If your attorney does not win your case, you walk away without owing your attorney a penny.

While not all cases can be taken under contingency (see below), those which seek monetary compensation from a defendant usually do fall into this category. If you’re unsure whether or not your case can be taken on a contingency-fee agreement, feel free to email us using the contact form on this page or call us at 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free consultation.

Types of Cases Taken on Contingency

While every law firm sets their own parameters regarding the use of contingency fees, not all types of legal cases can take advantage of this type of fee agreement. The types of cases in which contingency fee agreements are generally accepted and allowed include the following:

Some lawyers may allow contingency fees in the following legal areas:

It is very rare for an attorney to accept contingency fees in the following areas:

Contingency fees are NEVER offered with regard to the following legal issues:

Final Note

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a lawyer on a contingency fee basis is the fact that you’ll have a level playing field when facing wealthy defendants who may have bottomless resources (as well as more than enough time) to fight your claims. Most people are afraid to sue because of how expensive it can get, letting the big guys get away with bad deeds almost every time.

Contingency fees are extremely beneficial to those who don’t have the disposable income necessary to fund and tie up in a lawsuit. Those who’ve been catastrophically injured are likely already missing work, facing mounting medical bills, and other related financial losses. By hiring an attorney on contingency, the victim can pursue their claim without risking their personal finances.

In addition, having an attorney work for you on a contingency fee basis shows you that they are motivated primarily by results, and not by the number of hours they can bill you on, fostering a sense of trust and cooperation for both parties as your goals are aligned. You also get to have all your questions answered in a candid manner, and without the fear that the lawyer is just interested in making a quick buck by billing you for hours on a case they don’t believe will win.

Once you hire an attorney, you can leave the work to them and focus on what’s important to you. Your attorney will handle all communication, negotiations, and filing deadlines, and no final decisions will be made without your express approval.

Any attorney or law firm will be selective about the cases they agree to represent under a contingency fee agreement, but if your attorney believes they have a good chance at winning your case, they will generally be willing to pursue your claim or at least refer you to another trusted law firm.

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