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Arrest, Arraignment, and Trial – Explained

Criminal court is often considered a scary place if you don’t know what to expect. One of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney is having someone experienced in defending such charges to help […]

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Classifications of Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

Those charged with a misdemeanor offense may face fewer consequences than those charged with a felony, but any misdemeanor arrest or conviction can still negatively affect your life. A common misconception about misdemeanors is that legal […]

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Evidence and Witnesses: Crucial Elements of a Criminal Case

Evidence and witness testimony are used throughout the criminal process. Understanding the importance of these elements, as well as the importance of having a criminal attorney, go hand-in-hand. Before Trial Either shortly after the arrest […]

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Should You Accept a Plea Bargain?

It’s believed that about 69% of all criminal cases in the United States are resolved with a plea bargain. It may sound strange, but negotiation is often a significant aspect of criminal defense law. Because […]

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What to Expect at an Arraignment

If you’re like most people, you probably know that the best time to hire a criminal defense lawyer is “as soon as possible” (i.e., when you are handcuffed and taken jail). If at all possible, do not wait […]

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Illegal Search and Seizure: Know Your Rights

“Police Search Car” (CC BY 2.0) by Drew Stephens As provided by the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, individuals are protected against “illegal searches and seizures.” If you have been charged with a criminal offense and believe […]

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Criminal Appeals in Texas – 3 Things to Know

Those accused of a crime are entitled to receive a fair trial. However, mistakes are made and there are times that innocent people are found guilty. Criminal appeals work as a sort of check and balance, by […]

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Miranda Rights: Setting the Record Straight

Due in part to the number of crime-related programs on television, the words “you have the right to remain silent” are known to most people, but not everyone fully understands what they actually mean, or when […]

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Charged with DWI / DUI? Know Your Rights!

If you have specific questions about your DWI or DUI case, or would like to discuss your legal options with an attorney today, call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY! Choosing to operate a motor vehicle after […]

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“Preponderance of the Evidence” vs. “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

Burden of proof is a legal construct which states that one must provide enough relevant evidence supporting their claim or argument in order for a judge or jury to rule in their favor. While most […]

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